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February 24, 2012

I woke up with a kiss from my husband saying that he has to go already for his gig (how sweet right? :] ) Anyway since It's been an hour since I've been trying to sleep and for some reason I can't get back so I figured to just wake up already and do another post.

*btw, I started to write at about 7:30 am, then paused cause of taking pictures. Then I had to take care of Jenae(my baby girl) before I can finish this blog...*

For this morning I'm gonna talk about a local brand product, the Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Tint. Hope you like it. :)

'bout the product:
This is a Lip and Cheek tint that I got at Robinsons Department. I tried to research for it's ingredients but I couldn't seem to find any description of it whatsoever in their website. Anyways, it's packaging is a clear tube with a black lid and it's size is around a couple of Maybeline Baby Lips lip balm stacked one above the other. It's applicator is doe foot type. I got the Blush shade, which has a more of a reddish pink vibe. It's consistency is between gel and watery.

the doe foot applicator
  • Blush- a reddish pink color
  • Bloom- a peachy orange color

I bought this at Robinsons Department store and since it was on sale, 40% off, I got it for only 105Php (2-3.00 $). Original Price is 175Php (more or less 4.00$).

Le like:

  • It's pigmented enough for a pinched cheeks look with one swipe and blend.
  • Doesn't irritate cheeks or lips.
  • when applied on the cheeks, gives off the dew-y effect.^^
  • cheap and high quality.
  • has that jelly cherry smell. :) 
  • staying power is good enough since it lasts for around 4-6 hours in the hot humid Manila afternoon.

No like:

  • when applied on cheeks, feels kinda sticky.
  • has bitter taste.
  • when applied alone, somehow dries up my lips then get chapped. but I think it only happens to me. 

Final say:

Well, the staying power is good enough as I have said cause I wore it once when I went to Perpetual Las Piñas (hubby's college school) around noontime. I rode a jeep and it was one of those REALLY HOT OVEN LIKE days. Went back home and at around 6 my hubby still noticed that I had a flush of color on my cheeks...

When I apply it on my lips is another story. What happens is the inner part only gets stained, then the outer part of my lips, not so much. What's worse is that it dries out my lips. So my solution is that I put on lip balm first before putting on the tint. problem solved :) staying power on lips is so-so, around 2-3 hours at most. over all, I give it a 3.5 out of 5.

*camera used:

  • Canon EOS 1000D  
  • flash used
I'll put on swatches of this product later when pichi gets back with the camera. :)

(till my next post)
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