Le Official First Post

February 28, 2012

I guess You could say that this should've been at the bottom part of the archive... But hey, It's never too late right? Anyway I'm Nicole Paler and welcome to my blog. It's labeled axons and dendrites cause this is supposed to be for my random thoughts, and at the moment, I am always thinking bout make up.

I'm an undergraduate of Multimedia Arts at Mapua and I'm currently thinking bout going to Perpetual Las Piñas to take up HRM. I love to eat and eat and eat...oh, did I mention that I'm a fan of 9gag? :)

I was a bi before... You know those gals who are more into girls rather than guys? :) I dunno what happened, but ever since I got myself a husband, I became a girl. Though I still like girls more than guys...

Hope you enjoy my blog posts. I'll be posting bout food and make up mostly, and a couple of rants and ravings here and there... I'm new in blogging so please bear with me.

till my next post^^v

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let me know what you think! If you have any questions, suggestions or violent reactions just comment below ;)

instagram: @nicolepaler