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February 23, 2012

Ever since I had my starter make up kit, everytime I go out I use them as much as possible. And now I believe that it's time for me to give out my own opinion on what I have got...

First up is the Maybeline Baby Lips lip balm review :)

'bout the product:

This balm has SPF 20, contains ingredients like Shea Butter and it claims to have powerful anti oxidants good for your lips. Also says that it's enriched with Centella Essence. Centella is a type of herb that could be found in Asia Rain-forest. It is said to be antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, etc. It claims to give instant 8hour moisture and to rejuvenate lips in one week with continued everyday use.

in the background is my daughter watching tv... Tv Patrol. hahaha :)


  • Baby Lips Energising Orange – moisture and hydration

  • Baby Lips Smoothing Cherry – intense moistures and smoothing

  • Baby Lips Menthol – medicated for repair

  • Baby Lips Anti-Oxidant Berry – protection


I bought this at Watsons for about 79 Php. (about $2.00 I think)

Le like:

  • okay so this thing said 8 hr moisture and they weren't kidding bout that. :)

  • loooovve the packaging. I the way the colors are played are just so adorable!

  • Centella Essence is a plus

  • highest SPF factor

  • fragrance. It's just yummy...

No like:

  • can't think of anything... :))

Final say:

Over all I'd give this yummy lip balm a score of 4 out of 5. I love everything bout it but then again I like tinted lip balms better cause of their dual purpose of giving my lips some color when I'm in a pinch for a pink lip :))

*camera used:

  • GE Digital Camera DC 6V

  • no flash used

(till my next post)
jusqu'à ce prochain post

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  1. Super like mo talaga itong product kasi wala kang cons na binigay, sabagay fav ko din to.

    ~Pauline @Kallony


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