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February 08, 2012

Okay... So this blog is about anything that goes under the sun, or rather what's on my mind. I'm Nicole, a 19 year old girl who is a student, wife and a mom of a cute 9 month old infant. This first post is on make up. I'm a newbie about this, and recently I started to create my own "kikay kit" last January. Why I started so late is a long story. Anyway I first started on trying to find the perfect foundation, with the requirements of :

-It has to be compatible with my skin, which has a yellow toned brown color

-It has to last at least 4 hours.

-It has to be worth eveery penny (A.K.A. CHEAP) ;)

So I went on and I tried out Ever bilena natural foundie that I found at Saizen(85 pesos everything) to start and unfortunately since there was no tester, it was the wrong color. I looked like a white lady! So what I did was I gave it to my husband, well he actually asked for it cause he said that he wants to bring back his "vain side". hahahaha.. :))

Then I was strolling through Robinsons Manila one time with my hubby's tita who said that she found some lip and cheek tints of Ever Bilena that were on sale, I got mine from the price of 175 Php to 105 Php. The color is Blush and I loved the effect for my cheeks, but not so much for the lips because it 's too red and I wanted a more pinkish or natural color for the lips and it somehow dries out my lips.



Okay so after that, Last monday, my husband and I were strolling around SM Sucat cause we had to buy some pampers for our baby. Then we went in The Body Shop and he was telling me all about his college days and what he used and he showed me the balm that he uses, which was Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15. He said that it was great since it really moisturizes the lips and such. But it already costs around 200 php so it was a no-no for me... I don't have that much money to splurge for a balm. :) So we went to Watsons and I found this great Maybeline Balm for me, a tinted strawberry flavored one with SPF 15 that cost for around 85 Php. And my hubby saw this Baby Lips moisturizing balm with SPF20 from Maybeline which costs 75 Php. :)



And today, my hubby and I went for a trip to SM Southmall, just on a window sopping when I stumbled across F21's stall... I was looking for a foundation and this time I knew what to look for, and I was about to buy the F21 tea tree 2 way cake when I saw this seriously cheap Aido cream powder... I went on and bought it. I tried it out and it was great except for a couple of things:

  • It has this floral smell which I'm not a big fan of since it makes me dizzy for a bit. 
  • you have to give it around 15 mins for it to set nicely.



This is Aido cream powder in #2. (with flash) Apart from that It was great. :) the only thing I hope now is that I wont get break outs or something negative from these :)

37e4a-img_0702 See? at 75 php, it's really cheap! :)


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