Happy Fridays: The courage to face fears of the future

March 09, 2012

What do you do right after you open up your eyes from sleep? For me I seem to try and recollect my dreams, if I can remember them. Most of the time I worry about the future. I worry if I will be able to serve my family well, if I can do this or accomplish that, etc etc..,

Just this morning I seem to have learned something from my little angel Jenae... When she wakes up she opens her eyes and embraces the day wholeheartedly with a smile, like she knows that whatever this day is she'll still live it and enjoy it well. All throughout the day she smiles and almost never gives off a frown, except when she's not given attention by the people around her. It kinda gave off a thought that everyday I should not worry about the future or rather fear about the future because doing so will only lead to pressure and stress and it's not good for living life. One should be able to handle pressure or fear in such a way that you may not be solving the problem easily but at least you have the courage to face it.

As to what I have seen in the movie 3 idiots, Rancho said that the heart scares easily. But if you tell it that all is well, then you will have peace of mind and have the courage to face and pursue the problem at hand. I guess that's what my little angel is doing right now. She's in control of her fear of falling because she embraces life with a smile, probably even tells her heart that all is well and tries to accomplish the feat of walking without the fear of falling...

And that's what I wanted to impart to you guys today. If you see yourself fearing the future, just smile and embrace it and tell your heart that all is well. It may not solve the problem but you'll have courage to face it. :)

Happy Fridays!

till my next post,

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