My first weekend mini haul

March 17, 2012

If you've been reading my facebook account or my blog then you're aware that I am uber excited about this weekend SALES happening just about everywhere from HBC to Landmark to Robinsons malls and to SM malls as well. The discounts are from 10-50 % off on selected items..

I was soo excited cause I had planned to go to Landmark and buy some brushes. From what I read from other beauty bloggers (ate donnarence) they carry decent and cheap brushes, and when I was there I was not disappointed with what I got...I'm gonna share with you mu first ever mini haul from hbc, saizen and landmark..^^

I only got what I needed and I'm gonna be making a review on them soon... I'm so excited to use these ! I finally got some Allue Lip color in sophia which I got discounted from 55 to 52 Php, and a charcoal mask from saizen for 85Php... To be used by my pichi for his blackheads^^

I also got some makeup brushes from landmark, and I got them with a 10% discount. ^^ Not included in the pictures are things I bought for my friends Charlyn, Ivy and Wendy, a couple of water resistant liquid eyeliners from Aido, which costs 60Php each. Also found Charlyn a Fashion21 blush discounted from around 120Php to 63Php, all from the Fashion21 stall in Robinsons Manila, Padre Faura entrance. And a Maybeline baby lips lip balm in menthol, also with a 10% discount from Landmark.. ^^

I'm excited to use my makeup brushes... I really love the softness of the kabuki brush. It's such a steal for 129Php.. then had a 10% discount...Loove it! :)

I may not be able to update my blog often today cause of a little roadtrip, my pichi and I are going to a Condo fair in Baguio (tommorow) this monday... I'm gonna see if I have skills in selling. hahaha :) Hope I do well..

^^ peace out!

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  1. Wow you got the super soft brush! And Sophia! :D I think I'm going to Landmark later. :)


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