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March 08, 2012

Okay, so sorry for the late post. I was just bored today so aside from the review you'll also see my attempts at doing eye make up and such for the first time. Yes, first time. haha! I think I don't look like a clown... but I would like to know your judgement too. Please? hahaha....

Anyway I've been busy with my little jenae since she became sick with flu and all, anyways she's better now. But after she got better, I was the one that got the flu so I was bedridden for a couple of days, and I would like to acknowledge my thanks to my pichi who took care of me and jenae while doing his schoolwork... :)

I have been itching to try my recent buy which is the Careline Eyeshadow and Blusher but for a couple of reasons (like not having the right tools or brushes and being sick) I cant try it out properly. I'm just gonna give my two cents on this blush and eyeshadow set.

'bout the product:
It's packaged in a white case, which is quite sturdy. It has a brush and sponge tip, only for the eyes and no blush brush, so when I tried it out I had a hard time applying the blush since I'm still building my make up kit. Ingredients contain TALC, MICA, MINERAL OIL, LANOLIN OIL, LANOLIN ALCOHOL,TOCOPHERYL, ACETATE, PARABEN, PROPYL PARABEN, and as explained in the box, "Careline Eyeshadow and Blusher has been reformulated with vitamin E as antioxidants. Your skin will look and feel the distinct difference!" It was also made in China. Well at least it has Vitamin E. :)


the brush is crap. my tip is that you just use your own brushes. :)

 these are the swatches for the blush. Number 1 has a reddish dusty rose shade, has shimmers and has a really strong pigmentation. 2 is close to ever bilena's blush pink petal, or it's lip color counter part, off beat pink, is matte and it also has strong pigments. :)

 Swatches for the eyeshadow. I was thrilled when I bought it cause it has a really great review but when I swatched it, it was a bit of dismay cause some of the pigments are not good. The colors 8,7,4 and 3 has some shimmers and the others don't have. I think no. 9 blended a little too well on my skin. All swatches are 3 swipes per color.

I did see some other make up sets  in the careline site here but it was categorized in another name so I dont think this has other variations.

I got this at Robinsons Department store for it's original price of 140.00Php. Cheap, right? :)

Le like:
It's good enough for a starter kit, and it's also handy for traveling.
Did I mention that it's cheap? :)

No Like:
I saw in one blog that it has great eyeshadow pigments, which was what prompted me to buy it but when I tried it, well, it didn't live to it's review. It's pigmentation is not that strong for me.

Final say:
The eyeshadows has a mix of matte and shimmery colors, as seen in the photos and I like them enough but really, the color pay off is not enough for me. Maybe I need to use a primer of some sort for this but sadly, as of the moment I don't have one... The blushes are really nice, the reddish dusty rose shade has more color than the baby pink shade and the coral has some shimmers while the pink petal, is matte. The  reddish dusty rose shade is kinda close to a creamy consistency, which I like. :) The color payoff for the blushers are sulit(good enough). If you're looking for a travel set then this is worth a try. :)

I gave a lot of thought on should I buy this or not but since I saw some great reviews about it I decided that it may be worth my money. and well,... I not gaga over this product unlike the Maybeline baby lips lip balm, but I guess I get what I paid for.. :) Over all score is 2.8 out of 5.

Camera used:
Canon EOS 1000D 
with flash and without flash

As stated earlier I'm gonna showcase the look that I have done with the blush and eyeshadow set... ^^ please leave comments below.. thanks! :)

*These pictures are not edited in any way aside from making the file size smaller.

This one I took without flash. Damn, the foundation that I used actually highlighted my pores. :(
 Here I am wearing the off beat pink shade of the blushers. nice pigments right? these photos are taken with flash.

 here I am wearing the eyeshadow, I used 9 for the lid, 7 for the crease and 8 for the highlight. the other eye still has no eyeshadow. Oh and I did not use any mascara, or false lashes. I just curled them since I don't have those yet.:) I liked the shimmers on the eyeshadow. Really. :) oh and these are done with flash.

Products used:
  • Saizen's Ever Bilena Foundation in Natural
  • Careline eyeshadow and blusher set
  • Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek tint for the lips
  • Maybeline tinted lipbalm in strawberry
  • eyelash curler
  • sponge for applying blush and foundation
 How about you? Have you tried careline products? what can you say bout them? :)

(till my next post)
jusqu'à ce prochain post


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  1. Oh you don't look like a clown at all, you're pretty!

    I agree that the applicators in this set is useless. Generally almost all compacts that have an applicator for eyeshadow are so useless, you really have to have your own decent tools to work with. (Get your from Landmark, they have the cheapest but softest brushes!) :)

  2. Thank you for the complement ate helen.. ^^

    yes I just got my first decent brushes yesterday... 10% off sila... :)

  3. Wow! Super steal, mura na 10% off na. I want the retractable blush brush so I could bring it when I go out. :)

  4. did you go to Landmark today?? :) it's their last day of sale already... ^^

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