Playng with Make up: Boredom and duo colored eyes

March 10, 2012

So my pichi was making his projects today, jenae was busy sleeping, and I had nothing else to do... So instead of eating I decided to try out my careline eyeshadow and blusher set again... Despite the lack of good enough eyeshadow brushes... Now tell me, do I look like a clown or what? haha.. Anyways this post is solely for the purpose of enjoyment and killing boredom. So I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed putting the makeup on! :)

here is the pallete that I used...

In the Right corner- "peaches and sunsets eyeshadow"

In the Left corner - "Icy blues and whites"

here they are together...

 I didn't use any eyeliner simply because I didn't have any, though I would love to see what's the impact of this look with one on.

Another reason why I was trying out eyeshadow application is because of the upcoming photoshoot that me and pichi had planned, circling in the theme of the 7 deadly sins...It's a really interesting peg you see, especially after seeing these photos...

I'm kinda curious... what comes to your mind when you say 7 deadly sins?? :)

colors used for eyeshadow:

right eye:
no.1, 7 for the crease and 8 for highlight
left eye:
no.4, 5 for crease and 3 for highlight

and now for a bit of cam whoring. :) just havin fun here... :)

Face: saizen's Ever Bilena powder foundation in natural
cheeks: Careline's Blush on color no.1
Lips: Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek tint
Maybeline Tinted lip balm in strawberry

you know, I really look like my tita cynthia in the above photo...

well, they say that practice makes perfect so I'm gonna practice some more... ^^

till my next post^^v

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