The Amazing Race is now in the Phiippines!:)

March 29, 2012


That was my expression when I saw the advertisement of The Amazing Race Philippines. Currently, I'm not a really big fan, but I do am wishing that there was some way that I can join in contests like these... I'm always imagining what it could be like to travel the world, or my own country at the very least. Then I saw this... weeee! I thought that the most difficult thing would be to persuade my hubby to join but alas, that was not it. What had prompted me to not give an audition tape was because of the age requirement... I'm 19 and the requirement is 21 years old. huhuhu...

anyways I'm sharing this incase you guys have that adventurous side and want to join. :)

Details on how to join

give me a souvenir if you pass the auditions, kei? > :)

much love,

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let me know what you think! If you have any questions, suggestions or violent reactions just comment below ;)

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