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March 23, 2012

Hi! I'm Back! :)

I have said before that I was gonna go to Baguio, Philippines for a convention, and it was a fun experience :). I was there to help my inlaws to sell and promote Robinsons Land Corporation which is the developer for condominiums such as Adriatico Recidences and Robinons Place Recidences in the vicinity of Robinsons Manila. (counting the number of times I wrote robinsons... xD ) Those really big towers that you see beside the entrance of the mall at Padre Faura st. and Adriatico st? Yes, they are what I am talking about.

Anyways, The convention was for the Philippine Mortuary Convention , held at Baguio... You've been to an expo right? Imagine that, yet instead of food or cars or whatnot, you see coffins. Loads and loads of coffins... I myself was pretty scared and uncomfortable. hahahaha...^^ Anyway, it was a success and we did get a few people who'll buy condos.

Here, we just arrived and ready to eat our dinner. We started the trip at around 2pm and arrived at around 8 pm. Our baby Jenae didn't sleep until 2-3 am.. hahaha.. talk about being a vampire.

My Pichi and our angel, Jenae in our room

Looking haggard and with no makeup on, hehe, and Jenae doing her version of "Beautiful Eyes"
 Day one of the convention. Here, I am wearing Allue My first Lip color cream in sophia. The barbie pink shade. :)

 A bit of pictures before hitting work. Behind me is the Baguio Cathedral.. ^^
 Kuya Mike giving me directions on what to do
Breaktime Photos.. ^^

I don't usually get carsick, but man, going up to Baguio through the Kenon road was really dizzying, going up and going down. Baguio has changed for me, becoming more populated and when you go to Burnham park, it's like Manila already unlike 4 years ago where there's not much scent of smoke and air belching... But the other parts of Baguio is still COOL. :) Did I mention that SM Baguio has no A/C ? hehehe

 Second day at work..^^err, it doesn't look like work, but believe me.. hahaha :) I'm using the same lippie here and some neutral eye shadows, a bit of blush, no eyeliner or mascara..
 no make up here. ^^ This is the 3rd day of the convention
 My pichi here.^^ love my baby talaga.. ^^
 in front of the convention building..

I wasn't able to go to a lot of places like Mines View Park and Camp John Hay since the main reason of going to Baguio was to work. But my Pichi and I still got some snapshots of the Baguio scenery. The lush Pine trees, and the Baguio Convention Center. And of course we got some souvenirs like strawberries, which will be the topping of the cheesecake I made earlier today.

Photobooth pictures:

Well, there we go. hope you had fun reading :) I'll be posting my review of the Allue Lip color soon...

till my next post,

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