Face of the day: June, A Kick Ass Cool Character of A.T.L.O.A.

April 29, 2012

June is one of the BEST characters from Nickelodeon's hit series, Avatar, The Legend of Aang. And that was what the initials on my title was about. She's like your cool rebel girl who knows how to strut her stuff. She is confident and self-assured, and those qualities alone are enough for me to idolize her... But there's more to her than that.. I love her sarcastic wits and I love her mysterious aura. I love the style of her make up and the way she's strong built not only as a character but physically too. I love that she's sexy as a vixen... and more!

In the series, she's a bounty hunter traveling around the Earth kingdom (it's as big as china or probably bigger if compared to our world), yet during the war she has no allegiance to any nation except to the highest bidder of her services. Her hobbies include arm wrestling men in bars on a bet, then squander her winnings on a round of drinks.

She has this pet named Nyla, who is known to the avatar world as a shirshu. These animals are blind and can only "see" trough their nose like a dog. June claims it could "smell a rat a continent away". To capture her targets June depended on her shirshu to use its long whip-like tongue coated in paralyzing neurotoxins to immobilize them.It's pretty much like a poisoned hunter dog.

Anyways  I was totally inspired by this strong independent woman, who is beautiful not only inside but on the outside too. She's got some cool clothes and I just adore her sharp jawline and eyeshadows. I got so inspired that I tried to do a vixen-ish make up like hers by using brown and blacks for the eyeshadow and contouring my face a bit (total FAIL:] ) and donning on some red-gorgeous lippie, posed for the camera and put on my Vixen charm... what do you think?? :)

*photo taken from avatar wikia

 I know that it doesn't exactly look like her, but as I said it was my inspiration... :) It was hard to do some poses that capture the June Aura since I was also the one holding the camera and I'm not good with "vain shots".

What about you? Who's your inspiration for being a woman?? :]

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