Gouache Nail Color + Color Blind?!

April 23, 2012

No, I'm not talking about a new nail polish brand, I'm referring to using Gouache pigments for nail art. :) Gouache is a more pigmented watercolor, or a more watery type of poster paint. When it dries, it gives off a more darker color. Anyways, I had an idea to use gouache as my nail polish because I wanted to do a nail art that got me so intrigued but I don't have any nail polish on me. :) I have this pigment around because I used to paint when I was in school. This also dries fast, though not as fast as a nail polish.

The nail art that  wanted to do consisted of dots which are easy enough to make... The design looked like you're taking a color blindness test. hihihi! here are the pictures and the link of where I got the idea..

looks like random dots right? here is the colored version...

The blog post can be seen at http://www.goosesglitter.com/2012/02/color-blind-test.html

Cool Right?? :)

And here is my take for the said inspiration...

I put in the letter n cause it's the initial to my name, nicole. I was gonna do this design on all of my nails, unfortunately the white gouache was too watery and I can't do my dots right... I'll do this again when I have my own nail polish collection. :) What do you think? I give kudos to Goose of Goose'sglitter for her seriously cool nail art design that's easy to make. :)

These are the items I used:
Gouache Color
hair pins and paperclips for dotting

What do you think guys?? :)


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  1. Patience!!! Tons of patience yata ang kailangan ko para magawa ko yan~ Would like to try that soon! Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. wow. This is so cool and creative!Thanks for sharing this. :)

  3. you should go to the goose's glitter website. I'm a new follower of hers cause of this.. she's got lots of creative designs..^^

  4. IKR?! haha kya kahit wla akong nail polish nghanap ako ng paraan para magawa sya uber ganda kasi hihihi ^^v

  5. so spotty, but I like it!


  6. very impressive, hope i can be as creative haha! ung dots mo npakaintricate at un pagkabilog huh hindi kalat, in short "love it"


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