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April 13, 2012






Does this order of elements sound familiar to you? If it is then you probably have watched Avatar: The Legend of Aang ...Though I'm also gonna talk about it's continuing season series... ;)
I used to watch this before when I was in my 3rd year high school (I think, or probably younger) and I always wanted to watch it in it's series order. I loved the plot and idea of the story, and it pretty much is like our history, the 100 year war mentioned in it was like our world war 1 and 2. Pretty violent, lots of moral lessons, most of all, showcases courage and wit. And it was awesome. Kudos to whoever did the storyline and the scripts and the production team, I really loved this series (Thanks Nickelodeon!!!). If you have also watched this and wants to finish the series or have a marathon, then I suggest getting a torrent file and download this first series, but if you want a bit of spoiler, then read on. ;)
The story starts with Katara, a Southern tribe water bender, and her big brother Sokka fishing. They fight, as what most siblings do and end up having to see Aang's  ice ball, that has kept him preserved and intact and 12 years old for over a hundred years. Ever since Aang,(an avatar, who is the master of 4 elements) was stuck in the ice ball, there has been this war between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe. The Airbenders and monks living in the Air temples were all extinct, or rather extinguished by Firelord Sozan.

So Aang tries to learn all the bending techniques of different elements, and in the way he gets a lot of new friends and Masters like Toph and Katara, among many others. He then has Prince Zuko, Heir to the Firenation be his Master for Firebending. Zuko has been tracking the avatar but he had a change of heart and wanted to bring balance and peace to the world so he joined the team Avatar. In the end Avatar beats the current Firelord, whose name is Ozai, and restores peace and balance in the world... for a better plot summary, click here.

Anyways the story does not end there. Starting this April of 2012 the next series of the Avatar continues. And it starts anew with The Legend of Korra. Korra is a watertribe girl, a bit hot headed and is rebellious, known to be the next Avatar. This new series takes place at around 70-80 years after Aang and his friends had freed the world of hate and the war. She is said to face the Anti Bending Revolt while facing the challenges of mastering Air bending...

I just recently watched the first two episodes via downloaded torrent (but you can download it through iTunes), and me being a fan of the former season, I am very excited to watch it. And guess what, It has not disappointed me, heck it made me want for more.. :) It will air on Nickelodeon by April 14 2012, and I do hope that they extend above the 26 episodes track... :)

What about you? are you an Avatar fan? or you have other Anime/Cartoon series that you are waiting for??

*photos from deviant artist xervai and racebending.com

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