My very first Face of the Day: Natural Belle :)

April 01, 2012

Hello there! Happy Palm Sunday to everyone who's a Roman Catholic, and a blessed sunday to all of you! :) Today, here in Las Piñas you can really feel that it's already summer because of the hotness of the weather. hihihi ^^ I got inspired to do a natural make up look today because of the weather and the happy feeling my baby angel gives me... especially when she smiles like this:

 :) love it when she's sooo giddy! :)

anyways what I did was an everyday "natural" look, something safe to wear on daytime. It's subtle sweet pink... and I had fun doing it... hihihi... hope you guys like it too :)

A Natural Belle:

 The products that I used was:
  •  Saizen "Ever Bilena" 2 way cake foundation in Natural (I'm starting to love this fundation more and more :] I'm gonna review about it pretty soon ^^ )
  • Allue creamy lip color, sophia palette. The baby pink color. review soon to follow! :)
  • Careline Eyeshadow and blusher set. Reddish dusty rose blush with eyeshadows no.9 on entire lid and no 6 on the outer 1/3 of the eyes and the crease, and 8 near the tearducts.. ^^ refer to my review on the careline set here
  • Ever Bilena pencil eyeliner on the eyes, and curled eyelashes

Well, what do you think? Am I getting better om makeup? what products do you use for your natural look? :) let me know in the comments below, kei? :)

till my next post,

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