The Everyday Princess Shop: clothes for the little princesses

April 15, 2012

So today, my Pichi(my husband) was excited cause he just finished reformatting his laptop with Ubuntu(version 11.4). Well he had every reason to be exited 'bout this cause this o.s. (operating system) has lots of free downloadable programs for editing pictures-ala-photoshop, editing and creating music, lots of free games and a whole lot more. And who can resist FREE stuff, right? :)

Anyway he was downloading Audacity when he stumbled upon his friend's new business in facebook. The boutique's name was The Everyday Princess Shop. It caters to girl toddlers and pre-teens alike. She's got lots of cute clothes for your baby "princess", and prices start at 55Php to 150Php (baby's and pre-teen's clothes). I just wanted to share it cause it's got lots of affordable and cute stuffs.

Down below is the facebook site and the number to contact. So for all those mommies and daddies alike that want to get something new for their baby girl, give this shop a try cause it's worth your time and money. Right now I'm making a purchase for the denim jacket for my baby Jenae... I highly recommend that you get one too. They're just so adorable and cute.. ^^

Information on  The Everyday Princess Shop

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