CHIC-ified Mommy and what I did for the week.. :)

May 11, 2012

Apologies if I wasn't able to update my blog this past week, I was busy with the preparations for my baby's first birthday which was celebrated last May 6, even though her birthday is on the 12th due to budget and schedule constraints...  it was fiesta here in our place last may 6. :[ and there's this upcoming wedding in Pampanga for the 12th. Okay so enough with the excuses, to make up for the week that has gone I'm going to show you guys the photoshoot that pichi did, with me as the model of course. :) He needed the photos and videos for his excercise in school, which is on photo and video editing... and without further ado, I bring you...

Axons and Dendrites CHIC-ified Mommy pictorial
(yes, I know, I suck with titles. hahaha!)



Makeup is really amazing right? You can go from BLAH to Vavoom with just a few swipes of color and lots and lots of blending... haha! Pardon the under eyes, I don't have any concealer and my eyes are really dark that my foundation has no power over it hahaha
I just love how my eye make up complements the earrings I bought from Baguio... :)


Ever since I saw America's next top model cycle 14, I got hooked and thoughts of being a model came to mind. Somewhere around the coping process of being a mommy and teenager at the same time, The thought became a dream, and the dream I wanted to be a reality. So around January of 2012, I tried to sign up for modeling agencies and  went on to casting calls. Unfortunately, height requirement got the best of me and with everybody(except my husband and his supportive aunt) nagging me down, saying things like I should be at home since I'm a mom & wife and yada yada, I quit, just because I wanted to please those around me and to not get into any more catfights with the elder ladies and authority of this house. But with all that said, I still have the passion to model... and I guess that's why I also got into make up, I wanted to recreate the avant garde looks in the ANTM photoshoots and prettify me up once in a while...

Here is a closer look for the eye make up that I did...
Trivia 2:
My brows experienced grooming only once- the day of my wedding. I don't shave, pluck or thread my brows because I like them the way they are and I believe that my messy brows show my natural beauty... :)

 To achieve this look I put on some pink on the lid, using the careline eyeshadow and blusher palette (and since I don't have pink eyeshadow I temporarily used my pink blush), metallic blue on the crease and the outer v, a bit of black on the crease for more definition, a bit of pearly white eyeshadow for highlighting and the inner corner of the eye... It was inspired from the look that Atty. Donnarence did here, but the difference is that I blended the colors more so it became a bit plummy violet instead of blue. I lined my eyes halfway, and winged it a bit for a fiercer look. I also defined my brows, filling it in a bit with the same black eyeliner...

  For the lips I used the coral-ish red lip creme in my Allue Lip color creme... I put it in a bit light to even things out because the eye look is already strong.

What do you guys think? :) I hope you like it. leave some hugs and love in the comment box below... ^^v


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let me know what you think! If you have any questions, suggestions or violent reactions just comment below ;)

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