Thrilla in NAIA

May 08, 2012

the following are just my opinions on the “Thrilla in NAIA”…
I’m dismayed by claudine baretto because of the following reasons: she said she was kicked by mon tulfo and yet on the youtube video it would seem that it’s the other way around. Another thing is that she has this so called bruise and that she has difficulty walking, and it just seemed so plastic to me because i saw her bruise on tv and i remember having something worse when I fell off the stairs of a slide in pansol( long story) and yet I had no difficulty walking or what not… you can see my album here for the full story.
I got this picture here.( I’m not saying that claudine is dishonest or such, I’m just saying that she’s exaggerating things.

as for the trauma that their kids got, Mon tulfo has a point when he said that it wasn’t him that gave the trauma, but the parents themselves since they are the ones that are kicking up mon, as shown in the video.
If they say that cause of this whole bonanza is the fact that a couple of people lost their tempers upon knowing that their baggage wasn’t on the same plane with them (and a columnist was taking pictures while all this was happening) and it is proven true, then it would seem that both parties had their faults.

Throwing cases at each other is not going to solve anything for them really. they should’ve just focused their popularity on making a complaint on the responsible flight company, and made the cheap service a better service.

Again, this is just my opinion. :)

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