My Crazy monday

June 07, 2012

So last Monday, pichi and I went to our loft at Robinsons Place Residences in Faura Manila, and decided to spend the night there for 2 reasons. One is to spend some family bonding time and two is to shoot scenes for my pichi's latest project, music video. He chose the song Pag-ibig by Yeng Constantino, and we themed the MTV to a family-type of video. We were also joined by tita medy who brought us some love via her french baguette and nutella hazelnut spread. Really seriously I looove nutella so much that I think we emptied half of the jar! :)

And I got to watch Episode 8 of The Legend Of Korra(it's a part 2 cartoon series of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Legend Of Aang, that is about the New Avatar, Korra.) All I can say is Tarloc is really getting on my nerves... GRRRR.... He had the nerve to actually bloodbend the avatar! >:( hubby says he's like General Zhao of ATLOA...

Anyways come Tuesday, we spent half the day filming the needed shots. We were about to go home when my mom called and asked my husband to do them a favor which is to drive my dad's truck( Nissan Frontier) cause he bought a new car. My husband, being so mabait(good willed) agreed, cause he thought that we're driving the car to Laguna only plus dad said that he'd accompany us home.

What my mom didn't mention is that we're going all the way to Batangas.
(anu DAW?!)

Yep. Batangas. Mom and Dad were having our house there renovated and they got a few new sofas that needed to be brought there. It was already 6 pm when we got to our meeting place at Alabang Town Center... So imagine the surprise... the fact that hubby has school tomorrow at around 7:30 am, and we're gonna be sleeping in Batangas is really tiring, plus we have our baby Jenae with us...

But we suck it up and found a way around it. We decided to wake up early, at around 3 am and get a bus by 4 am, commute all the way back to Manila and be there by 6 am. In the end everything turned out well.

But it sure is one crazy hell of a "vacation", don't you think?

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