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June 20, 2012

 So this is what being stressed and bored does to you...
Yesterday, I was looking at the drawing I did of ate donnarence, the beauty behind My LucidIntervals, which I was supposed to give on our spa date at Beauty and Butter. Unfortunately, it was only last week that I finished the drawing cause of my schedule being bombarded with my pichi's homework and 3 research papers(thesis) that I had to help him with, and my baby... So yesterday was the only day I got some free time and I figured that I wanted to do more... I guess you can say I went overboard with the drawings...

 And in here she is wearing her colorful eye shadows. This is based on a look she did ages ago... and I think this suits her personality so fine. :)

I also did another drawing of ate donna, this time in her oath taking dress...

Ms. Donnarence, meet Chibi Donna.. hahaha

This one is Ate Kumiko of Loving Sunshine. Her beauty/book blog is always inspirational, and she has a thing for sunflowers, sunshine and yellow stuff which meant happiness. :) I guess that's why I put a bit of sunflower on her eyes, cause she is always seeing the happy fun side of life. :)

 Then I went on and drew another beauty blogger, Helen of Lucky Citrine.. She has this undeniable love for lipsticks and she is also the same person who introduced me to HBC cosmetics like Allue. :)

And then I remembered the fashionable bargain doll, Rovie, and I also wanted to draw her. But since her blog is about thrift+chic =Doll, I focused on creating her looks rather than a portrait.. and this is what transpired... :)

These are based on her looks here...

So what do you guys think? :)

share your thoughts below...


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  1. nicole!! yay!! super thanks for this.. as in..:) galing!tats ako haha

  2. Wooow! Your drawings are so cute!!! Rovie looks so pretty as always (proud *sister*) :) Super galing talaga :D

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  3. haha ty din sa mga makeup inspirations ate donna! :)

  4. WOWWWW!!! Amazing! Thank you, Nicole! Ang galing galing mo mag drawing. :> Gagawin ko tong profile pic. :D

  5. Omg thank u so much super cute! Grabe super sama ng pakiramdam ko today but you made me feel so much better

  6. ganda ng drawing!!! :) i'm sure Rovie will love your drawings of her <3

  7. Do get well soon ate kumi.. and thanks for the sunshine you give every time I see your blog. ^^v

  8. you're welcome ate helen.. uiii nakita ko yung picture nyo ni ate rovie sa philippine star. haha sikat na kayu, penge ako autograph ha. :)


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