A&D Food Chronicles: Kim N' Chi @ Robinsons Manila

July 16, 2012

So while doing sketches for a new project that I am currently working on I decided to reinvent a feature here in my blog... I've finally found a name for the food posts that I'm gonna do here, and now it's time for THE FOOD CHRONICLES! :)

Always we see those fancy commercials that feature their food in the best light possible, and I personally am usually disappointed with those because the make it seem that their product has more when in reality you just get a measly size of say burger *ahem mcdo and jolibbe*, or fries or other stuff... But this restaurant that I'm gonna show you differs from that. Cause they follow the motto "what you see is what you get". Let me introduce to you Kim N' Chi :)

Kim N' Chi is a Korean fast food joint. They have samples of what you can order, and when they made the menu I think that they are expecting giants to eat them cause they are HUMONGOUS. You can share a dish with a partner if you want. :)) And a plus is that it's sulit cause it's a big plateful serving of deliciousness. :)

 This is what my father-in-law ordered and he shared this with my mother-in-law. would you belive that even when they shared they wasn't able to finish it all up. :)) I estimated the size of thier plate and it's more or less 10 inches... and when they serve it out it's full. :)

Here is the Beef Bulgogi Omu- Rice in reality. The garlic rice is inside the large egg, topped with ketchup and mayo, and beside is a serving of noodles. I like to call it glass noodles cause they're like sotanghon but clearer and more softer... The sauce is so delish!

This is what I ordered. I have and always will love beef in whatever form so even if this is my first time to eat here, it's a safe choice for me... This bento box has a length of 3/4 of a computer key board, and 1 1/2 the width of one as well. Big right? :))

 My baby and I shared this, but really I did most of the eating here. I was able to finish this cause I am breastfeeding my baby girl, but if I wasn't I swear I can't finish all this in one sitting. :)
That's my baby Jenae and our Tita Medy

By the way, for me, sometimes if the food is that good it can take me to places and relive old memories. As I took the first bite out of the beef stew, I took me back to Jonas Pares in Quezon city. err I meant in my memories that is. My family and I used to go there if we have the luxury of time usually on a Sunday just to have some family time... and I almost cried after taking that first bite. I miss my family and my mom's cooking cause she was able to duplicate the beef stew that was served in Jonas... The only thing that was missing with the Kim n' Chi beef stew was the garlic rice, since they serve this bento box with plain but really soft rice... :) Aside from the stew, there was also a serving of glass noodles just like the ones found on the beef bulgogi and you can take your pick of sidedish with a crabstick and egg roll, crab and corn patty or some fried crabsticks... :) All dishes are served with complementary soup which for some reason they always forget to serve, since almost all those who ordered are coming back to their stall to ask for it.. LOL. :))

Pichi got a Sukiyaki noodle which I wasn't able to take a picture cause I was already busy eating when he got his order... so sorry bout that, but he told me that it was a tasty treat and that next time, we had to share it.

The Sukiyaki costs around 85php and the Beef Bulgogi and Beef Stew had the same price of 119Php...and the iced tea costs 30Php per glass.

Kim N' Chi is located at Robinsons Ermita, 3rd Floor food court, but as to what I see there is another stall in Glorietta 4... :)

Hope that you also share your food adventures with me.,..


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  1. okay I am now hungry Nicole :) hello pichi...

  2. I don't think there's a branch near my place but this looks good :)

  3. Siguro pag napadpad ka ng bandang south sometime tweet mo lang ako I'll tour you around. :) and we can eat here.. :)

  4. there serving must be really big when 2 people can't even finish it! :D great food blog review :D i also have a food blog: http://foodieshaven.tumblr.com

  5. followed your food blog girl.. :)


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