Big Discounts! :A collective update

July 31, 2012

Hey lovelies! So I just want to update you on the few sales that I have seen within the Social Networking sites.... :) Here goes!

First up is The Glaminar Make Up Aristry Promo... If you reserve a seat as early as now up to August 4 for their August Basic Make Up Workshop, you'll get an 800 peso discount. So that's from 2600 pesos to 1800 if you avail of it.. :) Check out the links and pictures for more details. :)

Next is a sale for all SM Advantage card holders: ELF(Eyes Lips Face) is having a today only sale. :)

And last but certainly not the least, Saizen is also having a sale! :) Who doesn't love Saizen right? :) So on August 3 only, they will have the Big Switch- from 85 pesos all their products will be priced for 58! how cool is that? Unfortunately it's only happening at Robinsons Galleria.. I know I'm coming, and if you will pass by let's meet up! :)

There we go... Happy hunting guys! :) cheers!


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  1. I really want to buy a palette from ELF but I am really hesitant... Saizen sales is interesting I just bought something from them last night. :D

  2. I will go to the Saizen switch! Let's meeeet :)

  3. okay! what time ka ppnta dun? :) most probably lunchtime kmi nadun ni pichi :)

  4. punta ka na sa gale sam! let's meet up hahaha! :)

  5. wow 85 to 58 pesos!!! amazing deal from saizen! :D


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