Crazy Looks: Mako of TLOK inspired

July 12, 2012

Earlier today I posted the look that was inspired by the cutesy earthbender Bolin of Team Avatar, and now I'm gonna show you the look inspired by Mako, or as like to call him, Mako Suave. Get it? Rico Suave? Mako is Suave? err... nevermind.

Here's Mako... and all I can say is that he is one tough hot guy. HOT SIZZLING HANDSOME guy.

May I say that I have a crush on this dude... (and can you blame Korra for falling in love with him??) Well, aside from General Iroh anyways... Why is it that all Fire Nation dudes are usually sooooooo gwapings?? :) (grandson of Zuko okay not the dragon of the west..) Okay, so I designed the look for Mako to be something representing fire and lightning, since it is what he can do, and I tried to do it in a way that makes my eyes look as awesome as his allure.


I already did a couple of The Legend of Korra inspired looks, one is Korra and the other one is my post earlier today, Bolin inspired...I drew this one like 2 weeks ago along with the Bolin inspired look, and It's basically a fire and lightning type of look... :) The pictures you are about to see are taken with flash because it was already night time when I did this look... :)

 I lined my undereyes with a blue shadow and my homemade primer, and I even made a little lightning thing on the end but the flash washed it out... but you can see it in my next full face photos... :)

 For the lips I used a lip balm, a deep red matte lipstick and topped it off with a gold colored eyeshadow for more oomph. :))

The products I used in this look are similar with the ones I used on the Bolin look, but with different colors..
So what's your favorite look so far? And I'm interested, who is your favorite Avatar character? :)


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  1. Haha I have to agree! Ang gagwapo nga ng firebenders. I like the lightning thing you put :)

  2. thanks Aya! ^^v grabe nakakainis lang matagal pa bago ipalabas yung next season


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