Giveaway Alert: OVERLOAD!!!!

July 21, 2012

Hi everyone! I love blog hopping and commenting on the beautiful works of others, but when I am bored I usually go the extra mile of joining giveaways. Almost all blogs I see have awesome giveaway loots and oh how I wish that I can finally do my own giveaway... But that I think is still a long shot from now.. :) Anyways I'm gonna show you guys all the awesome giveaways that I myself have joined... Please do join it as well cause there's a lot of loot up for grabs in:

 Dear Kitty Kath's 100th follower giveaway... :)

the prizes for this giveaway are Primark Saint or Sinner Eyeshadow Palette and a Marrionaud Concealer Brush, just to name a few.. ;) click the link  to enter this giveaway... :)

Product Arena's All About the Eyes Giveaway

Another Giveaway that I joined is Product Arena's All About the Eyes Giveaway, and I just love the fab prizes she has to offer like the Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette, which I'm EYE-ing for...(get it? hehehe) and fab falsies and contacts... you can join the fun by clicking the links that I have provided.. :)

Mich Eats and Shops Birthday Giveaway for 2012

But it doesn't stop there... I am also a subscriber of Mich Eats and Shops site, and she also has a giveaway on going... :) It's her Birthday Giveaway for 2012.. :) Some of the prizes that I just adore is the Elf 32 piece palette which reminds me of a warm spring/summer day... :) and a fabulous coral nail polish from Elf as well... There are more prizes at stake so make sure to go to her site as well...

Giveaway Collaboration (sponsored by Stuff in Style)

And here's another treat for you all, Eloisa of Kikay si Maria, Ana Patricia of Make up by Ana Patricia, and Celline of Product Arena collaborated to give us readers of their blog this giveaway, just because! A few products to be given are products from Elf and Urban decay and a lot more, Sponsored by Stuff In Style... :) Visit the clickable links here to view the blog giveaway... :)

That Fashionable Wig! Wigstime x Carriza Giveaway!

 If you're into cosplay or just want to sport a new look, a wig may be your best buddy to help you out with that.. And guess what? I also bumped into a raffle for a wig giveaway by Ms. Carriza Chua! :) Check out the link to see what you'll get if you join her giveaway! :)

So Geleesh Blog Aniversary Giveaway

Gellie of So Geleesh also has a giveaway up cause it's her blog-versary! YAY! :) Lots of Prizes are up for grabs, a Beauty loot and a Fashion Loot.. :) so 2 gorgeous ladies will be named as winners! This one ends July 31st.. :)

Giveaway: LovingSunshine Turns 2 ($130++ worth of prizes up for grabs 
and Book Giveaway! :)

Also, Ate Kumi of Loving sunshine is holding up 2 giveaways, one is a raffle for her blog's birthday, and all I can say is you JUST HAVE TO check out the link cause she has lots awesome pries up for her lucky reader... :)

And if you haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey, Ate Kumi also is giving her readers a copy of the said book!Man, I'm a sucker for long stories and it's been a long while since I read in a REAL book..(been reading mostly pdf files nowadays due to budget constraints and space limitaion.. hahaha) So join in on the fun now.. :)

Glaminar Make up Workshop by My Lucid Intervals

And this is the latest giveaway that I saw, Atty. Donna of My Lucid Intervals is giving away a free seat to the Glaminar Make up Workshop plus more, so she's gonna pick 4 winners! weeeee! :) I want this one so bad.. :)

So I hope you also join these giveaways, and may luck be on our side... ;)

happy weekend! :)

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