Look: Frustrated

July 06, 2012

The thing is I had a job once, it was writing for essays.ph, and they paid enough. For five 500-word articles they'd give you 300 pesos, to be deposited in your BPI account or whatever bank you have. The job was okay because I loved to write, but I hated the 24-hours strict deadline plus the part where you are given a topic that you most probably have no idea about... And I guess because of the giddy feeling that "I have a job now I can save up" gave me, I earned up to 500 pesos, more or less...

But after taking a break because I became sick with flu and cough, my mojo for the job disappeared. I tried to bring it back, but all it brought was frustrations and 4 unfinished 400 word articles, and this is because I can't seem to find the inspiration (always getting mental block or just has no idea what to say) to write about photography, and there goes my 240 pesos down the drain. Really frustrated with myself for having a lack of discipline... Or maybe writing as a job just doesn't suit me... what do you guys think?

Today I wanted to do something that will make my day more colorful and of course makeup is the best partner in crime to do that... I wanted to create a make up look that will really make my eyes pop, and I tried my best, but I still feel that it's not enough... I guess I need to buy a real eyeshadow primer now, and for that I'll need money. Hence the title Frustrated. pfft.

But I'll still show you the look anyways... please do comment below, I need something to make me smile and your insights always do that.. :)

I used pink green and blue since these are the most pigmented colors that I have in my stash... It was my first time to use a liquid eyeliner (aido classic liquid eyeliner), and it was really hard to get the wing straight and thick enough... I ended doing a great job on my right eye and a  messy one on my left LOL XD... I also used the long and curl mascara from saizen...

And here is the look as a whole.. :)

See what I meant with the eyeliner? XD I need to practice more!!! :)

Smile for the camera! :) For this look I used the
coral red lip cream in my Allue creamy lip color palette...
it perfectly complements the colorful shades up on my eyes...

 And akwardness at it's best. I think this photo actually represented the expression I got after seeing the pictures in the computer... It was just so lacking in color intensity that I became frustrated...I really hate it when you visualize something and it comes out totally lackluster in the vibrancy department, if you get the idea... So what I did was photoshop the colors on my eyes, and this is what came out...

 Now this is what I visualized in my mind... I was just sad that I can only do this in photos and not in real life, oh how I want to have more eyeshadow colors... :)
Happy weekend guys! I hope you get a good one! :)

Products used:
Saizen Long and Curl Mascara
Aido Classic liquid eyeliner
Home made e/s primer
Careline eyeshadow and blusher set (pink blush and blue eyeshadow)
Jane eyezing palette(sage eyeshadow and white lies)
Allue creamy lip color(coral red)


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  1. You looked like Bella (Twilight) on the your first face shot! ^__^

    Don't worry, practice will help a lot! ^__^

  2. wow you're the second person to say that... thanks so much for the complement! :)

  3. Try a Bella-inspired look! ^__^

  4. once I get some silver shadows... I might try that sometime.. thanks! :)

  5. Try kaya Chinese cosmetics kung saan-saan. I got 4 palettes na super pigmented as in super!!! Price ranges from 40-65 pesos.


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