Look: Naturally Gorgeous!

July 10, 2012

Good morning and good day everyone! I hope that your day starts and ends well! :)

What I'm gonna show you today is a look I did in the past week, while waiting for Sunday(the day I get to pick up my prizes) to arrive... This time I tried to make a neutral look, and I liked it very much, since it was not over the top. The main idea in my head while creating this is to only enhance what I have, and not to make it obvious that I had makeup on...

 The shadows that I used are the matte and neutral ones found on my careline set...and a bit of white shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes...
 I lined my eyes very thinly with a dark brown eyeshadow and a liner, and yes, you are seeing my bare brows... :) I also added 2 coats of the Long and curl mascara from saizen here...

topped it off with a light dusting of foundation from saizen, a very light blush again from careline, and for the lips, maybeline baby lips lip balm+generic sheer nude lipgloss... and yes, that is a zit up on my nose... the combination of  KFC's hot and spicy chicken and my monthly erm... is a disaster. LOL. :))

I really love this look so much because it enhanced my beauty without being obvious that I had makeup on... And most probably when I'm studying again (oh I do hope that it comes near!) and feeling girly I can do this again.. or maybe change the lip color to pink or deep red for more personality :)

So what do you think? Is it too pale or is it just right? :) leave some love below! :)
happy Tuesday!


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  1. Are Saizen products okay? I only bought beauty tools there as well their nose contour and shiny powder but I am afraid to try the foundation etc.

    I like this look very wearable. :)

  2. I think it's just about right for daytime wear. :D Nice.

    Haven't been roaming around saizen, didn't know they have beauty stuff! Where have I been going??? I shall take a look at their shop sometime. :)

  3. yes, the foundation I got mattifies my face well for around 3 hours, after that you have to retouch... and while it is sheer and light, it can cover up the redness of my nose especially in this look, cause before I put the make up on I looked like rudolf with the pimple and my blackheads... ^^ so far no allergies, I had the zit cause of hormonal imbalance at the time ;) will do a review of my saizen products soon.. watch out for it sam :)

  4. I saw the review already. Thank you. :)

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