My Dad's Birthday

July 28, 2012

Hey guys! I hope that today is a great weekend for you guys... I know I started my Friday with a bang.. :) You see, yesterday was my dad's birthday and pichi and I went over to our place in Laguna for some quality bonding time with the 'rents. When hubby and I got there, dad was out with the other family so pichi and I helped out my mom with household chores and pichi fixed our laptop there. :)

When dad finally got home my sis kat-kat cooked up a delish serving of Tuna Marinara and a spicy set of corned beef spaghetti with lots of chili. I also brought a little something for my dad, a cake from SM Sucat Hypermart, since it was all I could afford at the moment. Nevertheless dad really got ecstatic and was very impressed by my baby sis for cooking up the Tuna Marinara. After that we went to Alabang Town center for some fun...

We got to Timezone, which is my mom and sister's favorite place to play. Mom plays a lot of those claw thingys that let you catch a prize and she never goes home without a stuffed toy in her hands or a toy of some sort. My sisters and I got a few games of Guitar Hero, pichi and my brother JP went on to play Drums mania and even my baby sis Bella and my angel Jenae had fun with the arcades and the race car games :)

After that we went on to Brooklyn Pizza and got some grub, which I'll be giving you guys the story in another post, then dad, kat-kat and JP went on to the cinemas to watch the latest flick, The Dark Knight Rises. Mom and my sisters Bella and Mae- Mae on the other had played some more in Timezone and as for me and pichi, we went home after eating since it was already 10 pm... I really enjoyed myself with the family... :) How bout you guys, how was the start of your weekend?

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