Nail post: Nyx Nail Polish

July 19, 2012

I'm not much of a nail polish person and I only have one nail polish in my stash. That is until I won the giveaway of Ms. Chay... :) now I have 4 polishes, 3 of which are Nyx :), and I just wanted to share with you some swatches of what I got... :)

This is the first nail polish that I used, and I think the name of this shade is silver... Anyways, the packaging of this is really cute with the decor at front and embossed nyx logo on the cap... :)

unfortunately, when applied, it's very sheer and for the swatches that I'm gonna show you it took me 4-5 coats per nail. whew!

but when it hits the sunlight it reflects a silverish pearl color and it's perfect for a classy look... :)

so there we go... I'm gonna show you the other shades I got but that's it for now...

cheers! have a great week everyone! :)


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  1. I actually don't like sheer polishes, esp. frosted ones but I agree with you. Shades like this look classy on the nails :)


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