Crazy Looks: What I have been doing in the past few days

August 02, 2012

hey lovelies! Can you believe it's already Buwan ng ating Wika? Next thing you'll know we're cruising in on the ber months and then it's Christmas, then 2013 all of a sudden! I noticed that time is coming by so fast for me now as compared to before when I was single... hmm, why is that anyway... and there I go blabbing. LOL.

So to start the month I'll show you guys what I had been up to while typhoon Gener is here...

 The series of looks are actually a work in progress, this one is based on the super adorable Minions in the movie despicable me.. It was also an experiment for the cut crease look... ^^

This is the last look that I did using the Aido liquid eyeliner. Before I can take better shots it irritated my eyes so I had to take it off ASAP.

The next one is a play on color blocking. I mean, hey, If it can be done in fashion, It can be done in Make up, Right? :) For here I used Yellow, Purple and Teal on the tearducts.

I personally think that I have to do some more blending with this to make it look better.. :(

The next look was inspired by one of the most beautiful flowers in the world- a Plumeria Flower... I hope I did it justice, constructive criticism is very much appreciated! :)

 May you have a spanking happy and fun August ahead! :)


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  1. ooh minions! Cute :))

    And I like purple and pink together, like in the color-blocking look you did :))

  2. Pretty! I like the first one the most. =)

  3. I know they're just soooo adorable! :) thanks you!

  4. thanks for the complement ms. Charlie... I do hope that you unveil your name soon.. ;)

  5. haha! I love them little guys to bits!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You're sooo creative, dear! I love the pretty looks. :D


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