Look: Of Midnight Blues

August 02, 2012

Heeeeyyy!!! So a little update, I have been winning a few giveaways here and there... First was from the Facebook Party of Kim from Kimpossibly Gorgeous, then the next was a GC worth 1000k for the Glaminar Make Up Artistry Workshop from Celline of Product Arena, and today, I won a makeover from 4u2 Cosmetics and my friend Sam informed me that I won Ms. Ana Patricia's NYX goodie boxes giveaway. :)

I am so very thankful to God (and to whoever is the god of giveaways LOL. ^^ ) because He's given me a chance to experience how to be a true girl even without not much money on hand... And I'm planning on giving my mom and sisters a few stuffs that I have won... They do say to share your blessings, right? :)

On another note, this post is all about a new look that I did earlier today. It was my take on the FOTD that my friend Sam of Dishysammy did.. Shout out to my friend Sam! :) Cause a saying goes that if inspiration comes you have to strike on the dot.... I call this one Midnight Blues... I hope that you like it. :)

 In this look all I used was my home made eyeshadow primer, and the Careline eyeshadow and Blusher... I used Black on the lid, dark metallic blue on the crease and sky blue on top to soften the black and brighten up the eyes a bit...
 I did mention before that I am not using my liquid liner anymore cause it irritated my eyes, so what I did was take a really fine and soft nylon brush(the one I used to do paintings with when I was at school), dipped it into my primer and then dipped it into the black matte careline eyeshadow...and for this look I only curled up my lashes.. :)

kinda reminded me of midnight instead of the ocean as opposed to Sam's look here... so what do you guys think? Comments are very much appreciated!

 I did a bit of contouring using the matte brown eyeshadow of Careline and used the coral-ish rosy blush for the cheeks... for the lips that's my Maybeline strawberry lipbalm in action and a very little amount of the Avon colorbliss in Daring red on the inside part of the lips...

Also, aside from being alive and well even if typhoon gener came by and wrecked up homes, what are you thanking God for today? :)


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  1. Congrats on your winnings, dear! Good job on the look! ^__^

  2. Congrats on all your wins! Since you're having a lucky streak, you should enter my coconut oil giveaway :) http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com/2012/07/a-giveaway-and-something-that-i-just.html


  3. Again Congrats to all the giveways you have won. I am looking forward seeing you in the Glaminar Makeup Workshop. You can now create more looks with the goodies you're gonna get.

    Thank you for making my deep blue sea look as an inspiration to your latest FOTD. I like the precision of the eyeliner. Too bad you got allergic with the liquid one. The shade of the blue you used look like a sky to me.

    Very long comment. Haha

  4. not sorry for the long post you did. :) Thanks for informing me and for the inspiration that your ocean cat eyes gave me... ^^v I am also giddy about the workshop... I hope that I can write up many more essays to match up the remaining 1600.. hahaha! :)

  5. thanks for dropping by! yeah, I'll definitely join! :)

  6. thank you! ^^ hope you drop by often here~! :)

  7. congrats!! :) i have an ongoing giveaway on my blog, you might want to join :D

  8. COngratulations! You are one lucky girl! :))



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