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August 13, 2012

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, had tons of mommy stuff and work piled up... Anyways I'm gonna show you guys where we went for our Sunday family bonding... :)

We first took my baby Jenae for her vaccine at her doctor's clinic, and while waiting for our turn, bought some of the yummy Chocovrons for our munchings... A chocovron is basically a chocolate coated polvoron hence the name chocovron, and as for the taste, this is exponentially better than your average polvoron. It also comes with a range of different flavors from pinipig to some really excotic flavors like mallungay and ampalaya, and the ever popular durian. :) Our favorite is the cookies and cream one because it has a nice balance between the chocolate coating and the powdery goodness of a cookie-flavored pinipig. :) wasn't able to take a picture of it because there were so many of us and the chocovron was a hit for everyone. :)

Photo from google search

After that we were supposed to go to church but since we were running late we decided to hang out at Manila zoo first and then go to Malate church later... :) It has been a while since I last went here which was I think the time when I was in grade 3 or 4...

I remember that there used to be 2 elephants and now there's only one, probably the other died already due to old age or something.. :) I'll be posting an Outfit of the day and Look of the day later on, so watch out for it! :)

And here's Jenae and me posing with a really really big eyed ostrich.. :)

There were lots and lots of new and old animals like tigers, crocodiles, a zebra that looked like a horse, really big snakes and lots more, but this one was what caught my attention....

Can anybody please tell me if this is a chicken or a parrot or a zebra bird? I'm asking cause there was no sign in Manila zoo that claims what type of animal this is... :)) Peacocks are cool, but now to shake things up, I'm actually thinking of doing a make up look inspired by this...

Posing for the camera with my baby Jenae, niece Mica, my brother in law Mike and a really big elephant... It's really sad to see that this guy's old and alone... I wish that this elephant has some company aside from the ones that are viewing him... :(

There are also some crocs that are relaxing under the sun... Reminds me of Lacoste.. :) I love how demure Jenae looked here... so angelic! :)

And here's Jenae wanting to play with a trolley butterfly... :)

After some more walking we came across a photo booth with parrots and all those other colorful birds that you can see on the movie Rio... :) So we had our Family picture taken. :)

This was while we were waiting for our turn, we saw someone kill a bird that's why we had this "gulat factor" on our faces... Don't worry, the bird was resurrected on the palm of ate Cathy(the one who styled my Maybelline contest entry). It was a trick shown to us by the photographer... :)

And here you can see that I am pretty much in awe of the lovebird that is resting on my hand... Kinda reminded me of Sammy's look that she created days ago... :) This is only a scanned copy, so sorry for the photo quality.. :)

And here's a full family photo before going on to have our Daily Bread, courtesy of Pichi, the eyes behind the camera. :)

So after the mass we headed on to Robinsons Ermita to order some take out from KFC, but the funny thing was that there was a shortage of chicken, as in wala nang manok, wala nang bucket meal at solo meal (Like there's no more chicken, no more bucket orders and no more Chicken value meals)... I feel sorry for the ones who ordered and was only waiting for their viand...

So to satiate our hunger we headed on to Jolibee instead where they also served chicken by the buckets and really large fries... It was a fun meal, and after that we went on to our first home in Las Piñas and tucked in our beds...

Thanks for reading my diary-ish post today! :) and please watch out for my face of the day and Outfit of the day post! :)

How about you, how was your weekend? :)



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  1. It was great adventure and worth it to visit the Zoo. Thanks for sharing.


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