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August 03, 2012

This just in! I got tagged by Michelle of All About being GLAM.. and yes, I'm super ecstatic that's why even if it's really late I am currently answering her tag. :) Who doesn't love tag posts right? they're just so cute.. and it's cool to let your followers and new found friends to know a little bit more about you.. So let me get started. ^^v

What I'm doing is the 5 random Facts tag. The rule is to share 5 random facts about yourself and tag 5 friends to do the same. :) And apparently, I'm IT for now..

Rand-act number 1 (a play on random fact... :] ) 
I have a very very sweet tooth and I love to EAT.

 Any food that has fructose or any amount of sugar I love to eat. I also am very much appreciative of the sugar when given in big quantities. As in like MAN VS. FOOD BIG. :)

Adam of Man Vs. Food (behind him is the advertisement for a really big big connamon roll... -drool-)
doing what he does with the best weapon possible- eating with a ladle. :)

Did I mention that I love to eat? I love Italian food-from the pastries to the pasta and pizza, and the next genre of food that I love is American. Particularly the big cuts of steak, rib eye, T-bone and such other bbq... I also love the humogus burgers...as in yung mas malaki pa sa Zark's. :) Yes, you may call me a GLUTTON cause if given a choice, I would gladly feast on what I said earlier and I would die happy. :) I would also like to thank genetics for letting me eat without having to gain pounds.. :) Sana forever na akong ganto hahaha!

Rand-act number 2
I have a very sensitive nose. As in "malapit na sa pagiging aso".

There are these time where in someone will bring durian or someone will smoke outside the house and I can smell them even if I am inside the house. And this house is pretty big...

I think that's one of the reasons why my pichi stopped smoking, cause even if he chews some candies I can still smell him, the next one I think is because he loves me (nyak. nagyabang? hahahaha) And he knows how much I hate colognes. The only ones that I can tolerate is the Bvlgari scents, specifically the ones that my dad uses, and the reason is because I have been living with my dad for around 18 years and I got used to it... and I also hate the smell of "plasticky" make up.

Rand-act number 3
Ampalaya is my only skin regimen.
Haha! My mom and dad were the ones who passed this on to us(me and my sisters and brother). And I've seen it work... I always make it a point to at least eat ampalaya once a week, and I stuff up on it whenever I get pimples. The next day, my pimples are gone... :) And yes, it's my favorite veggie of all time. :)

Rand-act number 4
I have this fear of loosing my eyebrows.

No. Really. I used to have nice natural frames, then on my wedding day the MUA insisted to have it shaped and now I'm sporting caveman brows... Because I'm afraid to shave them myself. I want it to be done perfect the first time, but I want it natural looking and thick, cause I don't want to be someone who has the need to fill in her brows when she's really really old. I'm so scared of loosing the thickness of my brows that I'd rather be a cavegirl than to shave them myself and get a huge disappointment. I mean you can change my hair but not my brows. Cause you don't have a wig for them. :/

Rand-act number 5
I want to become a model someday.

It's actually the thing that got me into make up- I wanted to be a model that you see on Vouge or at least a model that does editorial and creative photoshoots that bring magic through pictures. I am very much disappointed of my height- "NOT 5'7"? NO place in the modeling industry, no matter what passion you have. " But now I am back on track when pichi reminded me of my own mantra-

"Being yourself is the best that you can give the world. "

Sophie Sumners is one of my favorite models.

 And now to do the next part of the tag...


Helen of Lucky Citrine
Sam of DishySammy
Dawn of Peachy Pink Sisters
Rovie of The Bargain Doll
Donna of My Lucid Intervals

and also you, my dear reader... If you want to join in on the fun please do consider yourself tagged.. ^^v


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  1. yehey! thanks for doing this dear! i love it! :) and btw, i dont eat ampalaya! hands down to you!!! :) hehe


  2. paki tag na lang ako pag tapos mo na.. :)

  3. I love tag posts because through them, I get to know more about other bloggers :D

  4. Hi Nicole! i enjoyed reading your random 5 facts :D
    i was tagged by Michelle too! Hihihi

    i'm a new follower. Hope you can follow me back! :))

  5. Ooh thanks for the tag! Ngayon lang ako nagkatime mag blog hop. I have a similar post like this which I think I did last year. :D Same tayo, we loooove to eat! Pero saan napupunta ang mga kinakain natin? Haha! :) And okay yung nose mo sensitive, ako naman it's either something smells good or bad, yun lang. Walang details details, di ko alam kasi idescribe. :P

  6. I thought you looked familliar... sister mo si Ivy right? :) I followed your blog too... hope you visit often here. :)

  7. oo nga eh hahaha parang si jughead lang tayu kain ng kain pero hindi nadadagdagan ng lbs.. :)) haha


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