30 Day blog Challenge- Day 8

September 10, 2012

Okay, so I have been absent for 2 days with this challenge, but I have a perfectly good explanation, although I am very sorry to have not been consistent with this blog challenge...

Last sept. 8, I had a seriously strong headache and I am very plesed that it did not develop into fever. Yesterday, me, pichi and Jenae were Manila bound, because we were invited by my mom and dad to come with to divisoria, to buy some curtains or cloth for curtains for our newly renovated house in Batangas. So that would be the reason why I missed a couple of days... :)

We were parked at the newest and coolest mall in Divisoria which is the Lucky Chinatown Mall, and man, did it resemble Resortsworld... Especially the part where the cinemas are located. There were also great stores there like topshoop, mango, beauty bar and lots more, and the architecture of the mall outside can actually remind one of Macau... something like this...

Imagine that but upon the crowded streets of divisoria... It was soo cool. :) I am so sorry if I don't have pictures, it was because we were in Divisoria to buy stuff after all, and my camera might get stolen... You never know. :)

So for Day 8 of the Blog challenge, I was supposed to show you guys the things inside my purse... I don't have a purse, perse, but I do have my "Travel Bag" complete with necessities to help me while traveling...

 This bag has been with me since I ws studiying in mapua 4 years ago, and is still very much alive today. No rips whatsoever, and it can carry up to 2 2.5 inches thick of books without rips, plus laptop. cool right? :)

  But for now, it's serving me as a baby bag... :)

 What's inside are the necessities, an extra dress for baby jenae and a couple of diapers plus baby wipes (kakaubos lang... :])

Oh, by the way, I just bought my Maven Magazine yesterday too, and it is one spanking hot magazine. I'll also let you guys take a peek on what's inside... :)

Smart, Real and Sexy... That's their motto, and it's perfect for all us ladies, cause we are after all, Smart, Real, and Sexy, no matter what we look or feel ;)



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  1. That new mall in Divisoria looks cool! The location of the mall is interesting. I should go check that out!

  2. Hi Nicole! Thank you for visiting my blog. I have a travelling bag too tapos minsan I used it as diaper bag. Following you now :D



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