Day 6 and 7 Blog Challenge

September 07, 2012

Hey guys! I'm sorry if I missed a day of this blog challenge and I'm already apologizing cause I will be out for a few days without internet on Sept. 11 to 13, cause I will be hanging out on my parent's place for a while and they don't have internet there... :)

To be honest, I intentionally skipped day 6 of the challenge, which is to show you guys a song that makes me cry. This is because my tearducts are missing and I can't really cry... JK. ;) Really, it's not easy to touch my soul and I have not encountered any song that can actually make me cry. The only things that can make me cry are:

  • Wakes and Funerals of a close family member of mine.
  • the movie "If Only"
  • A really really sad thought of my partner leaving me in this world for good
  • A failing grade in college.
Okay, so that was the reason why I skipped the day 6... :)

Day 7, which is today, is about My Worst Habbit... And I believe that it would be 2 things actually. One is saying swearing words habitually, although I am really trying to stay away from them or just to not say the word I replace it with something else like "tokneneng" or "AMP"... Really bad of me, but I think it started during college when most of my classmates would talk to each other and would always incorporate tang... or g*gu and such...

Shocks. Nahihiya tuloy ako. Please still accept me even if you know this thing about me... 


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let me know what you think! If you have any questions, suggestions or violent reactions just comment below ;)

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