Glaminar Make Up Artistry Giveaway Winner!!!

September 04, 2012

Hey Guys! How's your day so far? Here I am now to announce the winners to my Latest Giveaway... It was pretty easy to check the entries thoroughly because of Rafflecopter, and sad to say that I had to remove a few entries first before I drew the raffle winner cause there were some who did not follow the rules carefully.. :(

I did mention that there will be two winners, one will be based on the number of entries and another will be drawn by Rafflecopter... First up is The winner who garnered the most entries... Congratulations to you!!!!...

Krisanne Bunyi 

Doesn't she look Gorgeous in her Barbie-inspired make up look?

She gathered a total of 86 entries! I'm so thankful and touched that she always visited my blog and shared my giveaway... * Virtual HUGS*

And for the random giveaway winner... we have...

Ms. Lhizie Bongon

Horray! :) I am currently sending you guys an email and message from facebook, but if I don't recieve any response with in 48 hours I will have to pick a new winner... :) 

And if you're sad that you didn't win, don't be because I have another giveaway for you guys soon... :)


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  1. oh thank you nicole!!!!! heheheh kilig much when i see my picture heheh!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! I will be waiting for your next giveaway Nicole! <3

  3. You do gorgeous eye make ups too, so I think that you should keep it up ;) Congrats again! :)

  4. Congrats to the winners and Ill also be awaitng your next giveaway!!

    Ill also be having a NARS giveaway soon so I hope you follow to be tuned in to that! :)

    The Misty Mom

  5. Pa follow :)


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