My very first event- Maven's Beyond the Blush

September 21, 2012

Hey guys! I'm finally back to blogging...  It's been a seriously hectic week for me with Mapua's finals week up.. I was busy with thesis papers and creating layouts and this and that, and to top it off, Jenae got sick with fever...

But now I'm back and I'll start my post with a BANG with the Maven's Beyond the Blush Beauty Blowout!

I am pretty much pissed that I let myself miss the first leg of this beauty blowout, cause of a little rain... Had I known that it will be this much fun, then Jenae and I would've braved the storms last July just to get to trinoma...

Anyways, I am happy that I did not let myself miss this second part of the Beyond the Blush... Through this event I was able to meet new blogger friends and bond with old ones... But let me tell what happened in the event through pictures.. :)

We were offered with deliciously sweet cupcakes from Maven and Sweet Patti cakes (the pink M is so cute! :] ), plus some rosette wine from Manny O. Wines... I must admit that I once had dreams of becoming a sommelier, and the Rosette wine was good, but I don't think that the sweetness of the cupcakes enhanced the flavor of the wine, which is sad... Nonetheless, separately they taste good though. :) 

So this is Helen and Sam, I agreed to meet up with these ladies at the event a week before, and I am really ecstatic to meet new friends.. :) It was actually the second time that helen and I met, first was at trinoma when I claimed my prizes from Chay of My Kichay Kit. :) And it was my first time to meet up with sam, and she looks real lovely in her LBD.. :)

The workshop started with MYX VJ Bianca Roque as the Host of the event, and with her captivating good looks and spontaneous energy, the event sure was fun... :) (Although yung spontaneous and energetic persona ni helen ay walang katulad! Ganda lang talaga ng aura niya.. :) )

And there were a series of workshops for us... First up was from Karen Ostrea of Global Image Management Inc. and she taught us how to dress appropriately for certain occasions and how to dress for your body type and tips on how to create the illusion of having the perfect figure...

But the best part of it was the one where Ms. Karen showed us how to determine your undertone with the flagging technique she used... :)

Next up was a workshop with Benefit Cosmetics... :)

They featured their newest products, (Lucky participant in the front got a free makeover! :] )and even taught us a trick about mixing highlighter with foundation for the parts that need highlighting, but man, their products are really off the house..(as in hindi ko afford pa.. pero super worth it). :( And I really would want one of their liquid foundations...

 Next up was a talk on how to care for our skin with Prime Skin Asia and

....there was also some raffle drawn... the winner will get Nivea Goodies.. :)
And here is one of the Lucky girls who won the raffle.... Sam of Dishysammy! She's quite lucky cause she also won a couple of GCs from B Lounge... Cool eh? :)

Then, showing that we ladies are Smart, Real, Sexy and well rounded, we also had a life lesson to success from Ben Ampil of Amplius...

He explained that to get success in life, you can try a lot of self help books, pero syempre nakakawindang yun... So he also explained another method... The Taxi Driver method. It was actually a series of questions that can make you one step closer to realizing your happiness in life...

Where do you want to go?

How will you get there?

How will you know if you are there?

As for me, I am still trying to figure out question 2 but I do know the clue if I am already happy and I do know what I want... just confused with how to get it at the moment. :)

Next up was The Face Shop, and they showed us their newest products and they also demonstrated the KPOP look with 2 gorgeous models...

 The smokey daytime look
The Glamorous nighttime look

And last was a treat for those who can't commit.. hephep.. I'm talking about hairstyle here guys and gals ok?;) Or those who like their hairstyle one day and get tired of it the next...

Tokyo posh has the perfect thing for you... Fabulous and affordable hair extensions! I personally like the curly and wavy synthetic clip ons...:)

And now let me tour you around the booths...

 Here is Karen Ostrea of Global Image Management Inc, and she just finished her undertone determination session with this lovely lady here.. :) was supposed to do this but time ran out :( plus I needed to go to the bathroom. BAD. hahaha
 Here's the stall of Milea Bath and Body... they're organic products and tey sell beautiful mineral eyeshadows and such, and this is where sammy got the prizes of her first giveaway... :)
 Here is Nivea's booth... Snoe was also here, just had no more battery when to take pictures sorry :(.. I am really eyeing their under armed forces... but I don't have the money yet to buy them... maybe this christmas? :).
Digital traincase was also there! :)

And after the event, Dawn and Liz of Peachy pink sisters, Helen of Lucky Citrine, and Sam of dishysammy and me had a little bonding moment before we went home...

Here we are holding (showing off) our Maven eco bags filled with goodies galore! :) Helen was uuuber lucky cause she took home a ton of bags like this from the different sponsors of Maven and Maven itself. :) Maven Magazine is just so generous! Go to her blog to see the loots okay? :) I'll also post soon of the loots that I got :)

And a little bonus post, I'll show you guys what I wore in the event... although these are not as good as the other photos I usually show you guys cause I was using another camera... :) I'll just use the photo I got from the Athena Photobooth.. :)

I have no Idea what was wrong with the photographer's shutter speed, but my head was seriously blurred here that I decided to blur it completely.. :) Anyways, I was wearing my gladiator sandals, a striped black and white spaghetti strap sando, a white polo that is tied up at the center and a super cheap edgy black palda from Y.R.Y.S. I say it's edgy cause it's got this chains at the center.. I'll show it to you guys properly sometime when I use them again. :) For my accessories, I have a Native american inspired dainty necklace and guess watch which is a gift from my step sister...

I really had fun and I am seriously looking forward for the next one!


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  1. Wow! Great event!:) More events to come!:) xx


  2. cool event. :) anyway.. are you related with Jobert Paler? just curious :)

    pls do follow my blog as well.. thanks! :)


  3. looks like a really fun event. glad you had fun ^_^

  4. Sexy nmn ni Nicole! :)
    Looks like you enjoyed the event!

  5. Looks like you had fun.

    I nominated you on the Liebster Award.
    This will be fun too!

  6. New follower here! :) I want to join this event before but i live in Cavite. :(

    Mind following back?

  7. looks like a lot of fun! :) i wanna go to an event like this one day..

  8. This looks like a great event. I wish I can attend events like this. Events like this gets you the privilege of knowing different products, new and old.

  9. i love the last 2 photos! parang pang-billboard lang! :P

    Dress Me Up Buttercup


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