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September 18, 2012

Really, I miss those times when guys will actually try to meet your parents first before you guys actually become a couple, or the moments that you see your manliligaw helping your mom or dad with the chores, or those cheesy but kilig moments of harana. You never really actually see someone who does those things before a girl gives them their sweet "yes we can be officially a couple".

Now, although it is nice to become friends first, couple later, a few sweet and what I considered manly things men do are slowly biting the dust and being gone in the wind. The times of harana and pamamanhikan are a thing of the past. When a guy gives a girl roses, it may actually swoon the girl too much already that they'd say yes automaticallly... Tsk. One reason that breakups are more common now is the probable reason that there is no respect for the parents of your partner because you did not court your girl in front of them or you never actually got to meet them.

Okay, so where am I really going with this awfully random post you say? All I want is to remind you guys out there that It will not hurt your manhood if you actually meet up with your partner's parents, and swooning a girl with harana and proper courtship is not lame. I feel that this part of manliness, or this concept of manliness is slowly being disregarded because of our colonial mentality at the moment, and the westernizing of the country. It's usually these old traditions that actually make you a man. Why, I say? because you show the woman and her family that you are a responsible young fellow who can take care of your girl and anything that might happen to her, you will be showering her with love and concern.


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