Why I was absent in the blogging world...

September 17, 2012

You guys did remember that my daughter had a fever last Sept. 11, and it went on until the 13th... I was unable to blog about beauty related stuffs or even update my entries for the giveaways that I joined because I sensed that my daughter needs me now and I think that she just wants my full attention for now... I tend to spend up to 5 hours kasi online just to check out my entries, go bloghopping,edit photos and write a few posts for you guys...

But that's not the only reason why I've been absent, it was also because my pichi is having his finals week and being the loving wife that I am, I help him do some of his work to ease his tensions in any way possible. Lately I did a brochure layout for Robinsons Land Corporation, and alongside that is the thesis or explanation of why I used such color scheme and design layout. It was a pretty hectic week, and even until now the thesis part of the brochures is not yet finished, and it's due for defense tommorow. LOL. Goodluck samin...

But hey, I was not all work this week because the upside to my weekend was the part wherein I got to be a part of Maven Magazine's Beyond the Blush event, and got to meet cool people like Dawn and Liz of the Peachy Pink Sisters, Sam Lanuza of Dishysammy and Helen Blas of Lucky Citrine. And man do Helen's Blog title definitely suit her. She got to take home around 7-8 bags containing the best beauty products from the awesome sponsors (which looked like she went shopping throughout the whole event)... And that was aside from the complimentary Maven lootbag that has around 500 pesos worth of stuff from the awesome sponsors. She has a true Lucky Merchant's stone, or Citrine, as they call it. :)

I'll blog about the event and the lootbags and the awesome fun I had at Beyond the Blush and expect a lot of photos! Plus I'll also do a few new looks and reviews for you guys... Probably come wednesday, I can once again bombard you with all of my draft posts... :)

Till next time!


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