Leibster Award + The News

December 11, 2012

First of all I'd like to thank Ms. Keeza Villanueva of All in the Name of Beauty for Nominating me for the Liebster award... I'll tell you guys later in the post why I labeled this "The news" so keep reading sisters! ;)

Rules for the said award are:

-Put 11 random facts about yourself
-Answer 11 questions from the blogger that tagged you
-Create a new set of questions for those you tag
-Tag bloggers with under 200 followers

Random Facts:

1. As of the moment I'm writing this, I am around 3-4 months pregnant.

2. I currently have this thing for burgers and hotddogs.

3. I love bagoong isda(the ones that were bought from pangasinan only, mind you. :P )

4. I want to become a chef someday.

5. I am stressed about how to tell my current situation to my first family...(mom and dad)

6. I want (or need) to win the lottery soon... 

7. I easily get motion sickness inside the jeep bus or sometimes even trike. And that was before I was pregnant. LOL

8. If I was about to puke and there's no plastic bag, I tend to swallow what's about to come up. EWWW, I know. :))

9. I hate being scolded for something I feel I did not do. (eg: saying I did not take care of my daughter well because she's malnourished(daw) when the one they're comparing to may be really healthy looking on the outside but is always sick of fever or coughs and colds every month. And my daughter rarely gets sick, mind you. :P )

10. I love pancit bihon.

11. I have this thing for Jangsara's make up creations. :)


1. Older men or younger men?
Hmm... If this is about having someone as a lifetime partner, I think my answer to that would be older men, simply because my husband is older than me by a gap of 5 years... But I would have to say that age doesn't really matter at all as long as your partner is mature when it comes to thinking, compromising and responsibilities.
2. Christmas or New year?
Definitely Christmas. Although my family celebrates both, I enjoy Christmas more because of the Simbang gabi and Christmas eve, and also the Bibingka I get to eat, since it's a seasonal food here in the Philippines. (Plus the awesome cash prizes my dad gives every Christmas party) LOL :)
3. Chick style or laid back?
I'm more of a laid back kind of person, especially nowadays that I am a mom... But once in a while, especially on dates with my pichi I do tend to go on the Chic side of style.
4. Red or pink Lipstick?
Definitely Red. It's just so sexy and alluring and most shades of red complement me well :)
5. Greatest dream?
To finally have our own house, and to be able to feed and fend for my new family..
6. Cat or dog?
Dogs, cause cats always scratch me and bite me even if I did nothing to them. :P
7. What power would you like to have?
Time Travelling is the one power I would like to have... Because I can go back in time and correct my mistakes, snag a copy of the lottery's winning numbers and be a millionaire in an instant. Sarap mangarap :) 
8. What is your dream wedding?
I already had my wedding, but it's more suited to the wants of our(my pichi and I) parents. What I would like to have is a garden or beach wedding with a Mermaid dress wedding gown, with seafood, italian pasta and wine to be served at the reception. And I would also like to make it intimate, inviting only the closest family relatives we have... :)
9. Smart Guy or sense of humor?
Definitely sense of humor. You wouldn't want to be cuddling with your partner while discussing politics or the national debt now, would you? :)10. Latest Addiction?
None at the moment... I got over my addiction to make up during my hiatus...

11. Summer or Rainy Season?
Summer. Pansol, Laguna, anyone? :)

Tagged Bloggers:

http://eyahnism.blogspot.com -She's actually a friend/classmate of my pichi, would you believe that? And she's also on the same group as me, BBU!(Beauty Bloggers United) :)


Most of the tagged people here are from BBU hey gals! ... ;)

New Questions:
1. If you could start all over in life, would you change anything?
2. What is the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?
3. Are you scared of anything, or do you conquer all your fears and do it anyway?
4. What are the best five words that would describe you?
5. What are your favourite books?
6. And your favourite movie?
7. Which one is the best DIY you have ever seen or done?
8. If you won a ton of cash in the lottery, what would be your first purchase?
9. Do you think that each colour of the m&m’s tastes different?
10. What is the craziest thing you have ever seen or done?
11. If you could time travel into another decade or century which would it be and where?

Basically the reason I went on hiatus for so long is because during the first trimester of my pregnancy I was having issues with depression and my skin is sensitive at the time..Aside from the fact that my current situation made me think about my current priorities, but now I think I can go back to blogging and giving you the latest budget finds because I am on my second trimester and I feel my skin (and confidence in self) is boosted. :) I'm so excited to be back!

Have a happy Christmas! :)


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  1. Aww kaya pala! I missed you! Congrats on baby #2! Naffeel ko na, cute siya! :D

  2. You're finally back! Congrats on the baby! <3

  3. Hi Nicole! Im glad you're back. Ako din i havent posted for quite sometime now. :) Congrats on baby #2. We should meet, im giving you Pangasinan Bagoong :) i'll buy pguwi ko for xmas! :)


  4. Special mention talaga ako :) nagulat nga ako eh :) hahaha.. Regards to Jobert :)

    Will do the tag :)

    Thanks nicole! Good luck sa baby :)

  5. Congrats on your baby! Glad to have you back. =)

  6. wow thanks for the support guys! I'll post something new tomorrow... :)


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