Review on: Strip It! Hair Sugaring Kit

December 15, 2012

Hey! I'm back with my say on a sugaring kit that I've been using last September, which is the Strip It! Hair removal sugaring... It took me some time because of personal things getting out of hand, but since I am back, I will start my entry with an overdue post... :)

From the facebook page:

 "STRIP IT" is the BEST ready-to-use hair removal sugaring in the Philippines. Sugaring is also known as Egyptian sugar wax. It is all natural & water-soluble, so it's safe to use on the entire body even on sensitive skin . Many users report that waxing slowly reduces the growth of hair, so the more often you wax; hair growth will appear sparser, softer & finer. This will leave your skin lighter , silky , and hairless for weeks. It also exfoliates , since dead skin and dirt are stripped off at the same time. Strip It is laced with moisturizer making the skin smoother. Plus the Calamansi promotes skin lightening!

Since sugaring adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin as, so there is 50% less pain & discomfort than with other waxes. Each session also becomes less painful as time goes on since the hair follicle becomes weaker every time.

This also means less chicken skin.

I got my kit from Ms. Myla of the Glaminar Make up Artistry workshop I attended last August, and it included a 100g tub of the sugaring (a type of cold wax as indicated) a pamphlet on what Strip it is and some waxing tips,  a spatula and a long piece of cloth.

And what I think of the Strip It! Sugaring kit, you say? :)

Upon opening of the tub, you'd smell some sort of calamansi infused honey oozing out of the wax, and it was so delicious smelling that before doing anything with it, I tasted the wax. LOLs. Anyways don't follow what I did because it will only sting your tongue, although it does taste as good as it smelled. :)

I actually tried this for my bikini area, and I had my pichi help me with the waxing part since I don't have the gull to actually inflict pain upon myself, plus I figured that it may be better if he did it since he has better force than me. :))

I will not be able to show you guys how much hair it got from me, since I did not take pictures (like ewwww... hehe) , but let me tell you that for a first timer in any kind of waxing, the first few tries hurt. Then, I guess since I had a better idea of what to expect, before pichi was finished, it did not hurt as much. I tried it again 2 weeks later and my hairs were surprisingly finer than before... (But I stopped using it when I got the news that i was pregnant for personal reasons).

  • the oh so delicious smell
  • the good points about sugaring instead of regular waxing
  • the sparser hairs that grew
  • better and more effective to use than a depilatory cream

  • the pain of waxing.(first timer here. :P )

Really I can't think of anything bad about this product, and I am pretty sure that after my preggy season, when I finally have my curves again, I will probably buy more of this and use it again and again, this time on my UA area as well... :)

Well, that's it for now!


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  1. oh the pains of waxing. .haven't tried on my bikini area EVER. im scared it could tear the whole thing away haha!



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