FOTD: The Anti Valentine Movement

February 14, 2013

Just did a valentine's day look today cause I wanted to put my spirits up in the air, and since I was bored to death... This pretty much is inspired from Star movie's Anti- Valentine Movement, and I hope you guys get inspired too... happy hearts day! :)

Excuse the over exposed photos, I was using a new(to me) camera, which is the Canon 1100D... and I'm still not getting the hang of it's iso settings and stuff...

Products used:
Maybelline Mineral Foundation
Aido liquid eyeliner
Careline blush and eyeshadow set (pink blush and red and black eyeshadow)
saizen long and curl mascara
jane eyeshadows (white lies)
Allue creamy lip color (sophia palette)

Later today or maybe tonight I'll be posting my date look, so stay tuned for that. :)


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let me know what you think! If you have any questions, suggestions or violent reactions just comment below ;)

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