FOTD: My Date Look

February 15, 2013

I did mention yesterday that I will post my actual date look for V-day, and here it is. :) Contrary to what you  usually see in my FOTDs, when I am going out I barely wear make up. Yesterday was not any different, since pichi and I planned to just get some grub from KFC and watch a movie in our home... :)

As you can see, I only wore 3 things here. A pink lipstick, Mascara and a cheek tint... Boys usually like it when girls wear their makeup simply and not overdone because for them, simplicity is beauty. Oh, and the lippie I used here was the miner's matte lip paint in Light pink, and this photo was taken after 4 hours since first application and after eating some really oily fries and burger. :)

So always remember that it's best to keep it simple and let your own beauty shine through.. ;)

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  1. you have such gorgeous skin! I can never go out with a base as my skin looks really bad..hayz >_<


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