Baliktaran Art Exhibit

July 02, 2013

Pichi had this event yesterday and he said that he'd like for me to be his date at their art exhibit.

 Their concept centered around the word Baliktaran, and to their class, Baliktaran is an anomaly of extremes, a showcase of opposite realities displayed side by side, a yin and yang of color and aesthetic. It is an exhibition brought forth by the conscious and subconscious ideas of the collective of Multimedia Arts & Sciences student-artists from the Mapua Institute of Technology. If you guys wanna check out their artworks you should drop by in  Galeria de las Islas ,3rd Floor | Silahis Arts & Craft Center Intramuros, Manila sometime..  This is his artwork, PearBlossom, and there are lots more to see there... like this "Card of Life and Death"
 We went there with the kids, and we were early cause number coding affected us that day... so while waiting, we took a few pictures... 

Much love!

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