Make Up Hub's Birthday Sale! and my video greeting for her :)

July 10, 2013

So I was roaming around facebook these past days when I stumbled upon Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione's page, and I found out that she was having her birthday today-July 11 2013. She's having this Birthday sale wherein there's a 25% discount for every checkout of 500php or more...

She had this contest a couple of days ago wherein we were to make a creative birthday greeting and that she was giving out prizes.. I was ecstatic cause the event gave me a chance to once again open up Adobe After Effects and try out stuff I never did before. My husband suggested that I do my own version of a typography greeting, and after hours of creating, setting up the 3D space and rendering, I was able to come up with the video below... I was in a hurry to finish the video and was so worried about the rendering time that I did not notice the typo that I committed- I misspelled Madame Vixen's name WRONG. :( I had no more time to re-render the stuff so I hope that she'll forgive me for this.. hehe. :)

Here's the video Greeting I made for her.. :)

Happy Shopping! :)

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  1. Ang galing Nicole!!!! Super Like ♥♥♥ panalo ka na sis!

  2. Lovely blog! <3 would you mind if we follow each other? :)



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