OOTD: Trees

July 16, 2013

Yesterday I told you where I went for the weekend, and today I'll be showing you what I wore... :)

Decided to go for something that fit the province (and the church) and this is what I came up with- a look that's inspired from a tree. :)) I wore Brown jeans and a green short sleeved top with interesting yarn flowers for detail.

Added accessories are the green zipper bag that I got last Christmas,and some red and blue peacock earrings to break the monotonous green and brown.

I also wore brown native looking sandals from Divisoria- costed me only 75php. :)

As for my baby Jenae, she wore a blue and pink flowery piece- something that's girly and cute.

and for her shoes, she's wearing Sketchers Twinkle Toes, the one that looked like a cat... :)

she looks cute eh? :)

tell me what you think below! ;)


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  1. laki ng baby girl mo sis... and love the earrings :)

  2. love the earrings and janae's dress, shes adorable :)

  3. wow your finally back on blogging sis! Sana tuloy tuloy na! And nice layout its brighter and easier on the eye :)

  4. love the simple and comdy outfit and your baby girl's growing to be a fashionista na ah! :)


  5. Pretty top! I like how simple this whole ensemble is and how the pieces go well together. You're finally blogging again! Hope to see more posts from you :D


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