Review: Snoe White Organic Green Papaya Beauty Bar

July 23, 2013

Hey! Today I'll be talking bout the very first whitening beauty bar that I tried, and it's from Snoe... :)

A couple of weeks ago I decided that it might help if I used a whitening soap to even out the skin tone of my belly from my body, and all the other parts of my body that went dark chocolate in color while I was pregnant. First thing that came to my mind was the Calamansi variant of the Snoe beauty bar, since I wanted something strong but not too strong that my skin will be shocked.

Unfortunately, when I went to the Snoe branch in SM Sucat, I was surprised to find out that they have already pulled it out and was renewed into the Aweome Poresome Soap, which I couldn't afford at the moment cause I only had 150php on hand, so I got the Green Papaya Variant instead. This is said to be a bit stronger than the orange papaya soap, and the plus of this is that Snoe also included the papaya pulp in it.

 I really loved the fact that it smelled like custard cake (or is it vanilla) when I opened it up. The smell was a perfect complement to their Hair Heroes Honey-Olive Clementine conditioner which smelled like some sort of candy for me. :)  After every bath I smell delicious!
Instructions on how to use the product... But what I do is to lather it well, and with a towel I scrub my elbows, belly and my neck very well for around 3-4 minutes, then I lather the soap again with my hands and apply it all over my body for another 2 minutes. I did not experience any tingling sensation when I used this on my body, or on my face.

I split the soap into 4 pieces, and I love the fact that it lathers very well and a piece can last me for 2 weeks even if I use it twice a day. After shower, at first I didn't like the dryness that my skin felt, so I would follow it up with moisturizing SPF lotion, but as time went by my skin got used to it, and I only use lotion whenever I will go out of the house.

Performance wise, it did stay true to what it claimed: "See dramatic whitening results in a short span of two weeks." cause the dark chocolate color of my belly, elbows and my neck are now reduced to my normal skin tone, and every time I use this my skin has that certain glow... ;)

so this is how I looked like April of 2013, before using the soap...
this was taken yesterday only, in the same I'm the same skin tone as my baby girl, Jenae pretty cool eh?! :)

Overall, I love this soap cause...

  • it is very effective in the whitening department, 
  • smells really good, 
  • doesn't melt easily,  
  • Sulit because a bar can last me probably 2 months usage. :)
  • plus points to the very accommodating saleslady in SM Sucat. She helped me through my dilemma :)

the cons of this soap though is...

  • it's quite drying, so if you have to pair it with a very good lotion after.

I'll repurchase this, but not at the moment, cause I still have a lot left. :) The next one that I'll get is the Awesome Poreome calamansi soap for sure :)

Cheers! :)

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  1. I love Snoe! I've only tried a few of their soaps, though, but I did like the oatmeal bar. Glad this worked for you! :)

  2. Wow. Awesome results! I used to use the yellow variant, it was lemon-scented, like dishwashing lemon, anyway. I was allergic to it unfortunately, but am currently trying the awesome poresome. The smell is just, ugh, I die. Sooooo good! :))

  3. Wow dramatic results nga. Haven't tried Snoe soaps...

  4. Snoe's are my favorite organic soaps :) I've tried 3 or 4 of their soaps and I love them all.

  5. Amazing how this one worked for you. Gusto ko tuloy bumili ulit bukas. :)

    I missed you, Nicole! Ngayon lang ako nagkatime magbloghop! See you soon, hopefully!

  6. Snoe's whitening stuff really works ♥ My personal favorite is the red whitening soap :) Thank you for sharing!

    The Makeup Maven

  7. you should try them out anne... they're the best :)


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