Visiting Mt. Carmel Church

July 15, 2013

Yesterday, instead of going to church here in Las Piñas, Pichi and I planned on going to Lipa, Batangas to visit Mt. Carmel Church there... but before going I bought some flowers for my grandpa and visited him...

Then we headed to my grandma's place for lunch and sang karaoke at my ninang's home. after that we went on to see the church... It was pichi's intention to go there since it was part of his promise to God. :)

 front of Mt. Carmel

 baby raffa is wide awake and baby jenae is the one on the stroller, sleeping... :)

The church is really beautiful, and it has a 2nd floor... it's actually led by "Carmelites" ,btw they are nuns. :)

And that's what I've been up to these few days... oh, I do hope that you follow me on GFC and bloglovin :) you'll see it on the sidebar... 


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