White and Simple

July 02, 2013

Just wanted to share with you guys what I wore yesterday to pichi's Baliktaran Art Exhibit... :)

 Pichi really was the one who chose my outfit, given that he said he wanted me to look sexy yet classy, and this exudes both criteria in a casual style. The white top is a classic, I guess, and  paired it with simple khaki shorts from baclaran and heels from Mendrez. I actually forgot to bring any accessories, so no earrings unfortunately to give it that extra something... :(

I wore a simple brown eyeshadow and used Aido matte lipstick in Q for my lips. It was my first time to curl my hair with a flat iron, and I think I did great achieving natural looking curls, don't you think? :)

Till next time!

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  1. wow sexy legs.. parang di ka nagkababy sis.. ♥

  2. aww thanks sis! touch naman ako sa sinabi mo :)

  3. Comfy looking outfit Nicole! You look gorgeous. And love the hair. More of beach wave yung dating niya which is so sexy! :D


  4. aw i like how your beauty is so pinay :) i also like the place where you took the pics. i feel like ive been there before.

  5. Ang kinis po ng legs Ate :) it's simple yet elegant



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