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October 08, 2013

Soooo... I posted a few weeks ago that my sister had the crappiest birthday of her life. So to really make it up to her, aside from giving her a copy of our favorite author's book I also stole-uhm rather borrowed her from our dad and had our much awaited sisterly bonding moment at BDJ Box's 2nd beauty fair- Primp and Prettify... Read on to see what happened!

our passport which contained a vicinity map and stubs for goodies and photobooths and a schedule of upcoming talks...

 list of talks that we will be attending

My sister and I had a lot of catching up to do and what better way to talk about our recent life events than with a relaxing environment right?

Kill me for my low res photos- next time magiging girl scout na ako. Yung may plan B kapag na lowbat ang camera... hehehe...

The first booth that we went to... Too Cool For School

 They had this korean game wherein all you had to do was throw the sticks and refer to the chart below to see if you win a prize...
 I think I had beginner's luck that day cause on our first round I got 3 samples and my sister got 2... the next round I got 4 samples plus a bonus round which is just awesome and my sister's luck got better cause she got 3 samples... then on my bonus round I got another 4 samples. SUPER AWESOME right?? :)

This is my sister's first try.

Stuffs that I got from the game

We had our picture taken at the TCFS Photo Booth as well...

Our next stop was ...

 We had our skin care analysis here, and my sister got herself a makeover.  I naturally had been analyzed as one with combination skin, and was given a recommendation of sorts from their best skincare line that suited me...

And after that we had some refreshments- mocktails courtesy of Garnier...

 PS: My sister got so excited with the mocktails that after the talk we just had to get another one. :))

And here are a few more photos we took while roaming around...

I really really am one of those people with sensitive noses, but Ralph Lauren's scents are really something. It's a delicious mix of flowers, citrus and there's also the perfect balance that my nose craves... I got the scent 1 cause I've been since forever attracted to their Polo Blue, and it was a sweeter version of said fragrance. :)

 We also had our picture taken at BDJ Booth and also with Georgina Wilson, courtesy of Garnier...

And when we got home we both had this seriously huge bag that contained lots of stuff- samples from BDJ's partners, which is super worth the commute we had to do- from Las Piñas to Biñan Laguna and to SM north EDSA... :)

 I really really love this exfoliation gel... the best that I've tried but it's way too pricey kasi wala pa akong work... I'll get my hands again on this soon enough :)

 My Younger sister Mae Mae has a lot of Acne problems and she's using this now and it's working to her liking when I last chat with her. :) I'll do a review of how it worked for both of us soon :)

 Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you on the Upcoming BDJ Fair at SM MOA on the 13th.

Come on then, Let's #MakeItHappen! :)

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