Let's Make It Happen with Belle de Jour!

October 03, 2013

I could say that my life has been a mess ever since day 1 of my college years. I made my choices and suffered or savored their consequences, from failing my grade to getting pregnant, married and living the happy fulfilling life of a mom. Heck, it's one good mess anyway because all throughout the mistakes I made I learned something new everyday.

But still, there's one more thing that I'd like to #MakeItHappen this coming 2014, and that's to finally come back to school, finish my course and earn my BS Degree in Culinary Arts that I know will lead me to a better future for my husband, kids and me.

I feel that 2014 is finally my year to really start making my life the masterpiece that I want it to be, and that it is the year to step up and try to asses and reach my goals. Obviously I'll need something that can help me keep track of every possible thing that I might need, and what better way to do that than with the help of Belle de Jour Power planner.

With this, they are also celebrating the launch of their latest Power Planner for 2014 and they have a sale on going, 20% off the planners if you buy them on the upcoming event. Exciting right? :)

Their upcoming 5th BDJ Fair this 2013 is filled with lots of inspirational pep talks that will surely help us women be empowered to reach our goals, prizes and surprises from some of the girls who made it happen for them in their own way like Ms. Venus Raj, who will talk about her inspiring Journey to the crown, Ms. Jill Ngo who'll help us by bringing out our confidence through dancing, and Ms. Xeng Zulueta who's up for helping us more to realize our unique beauty and Be Our Own Kind of Beautiful.

So where does this all take place? BDJFair 2013: Make It Happen wil be held on October 13th at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. Entrance is free, and walk ins are welcome. But I advise you guys to go a step ahead and pre register cause there are lots of special perks for those who do.  ( wink! ;] )

Me? I'm still waiting for my pre registration to be confirmed, but I do have my hopes up that I can come through. If I don't I'd still to go, although I really don't want to miss out on the talks that I know can help me finally #MakeItHappen and have my dreams realized.

Visit Belle de Jour's facebook page or ilovebdj.com for more details.

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