My Dream Wedding | Casa Astillero Beach Resort

June 20, 2015

I asked my Pichi one time on what his actual dream wedding is, and I couldn't believe my wits when he said that like me, he didn't want to get married in the church and had envisioned something else...


He then went on about how pleasing it would be to get married while pearly white sand was beneath your feet, a great arc where the officiator, he and his bride would stand, in front of family and a few close friends while you hear the rustle of the waves and the sun setting and reflecting by the sea while we say our vows... He was in to it more for the intimacy and serenity of the occasion and that he said that if given the chance, he would love to re-do our wedding to be just how he had envisioned it.


But that's just water under the bridge for now, and maybe we'll wait for our 25th anniversary and actually get the wedding that we want. Speaking of beach weddings, a friend of mine suggested Casa Astillero in Calatagan, Batangas as THE Beach Wedding Venue to go for. I personally loved it cause they already have this affordable set wedding package that includes everything that you might need for a celebration with 150 pax, so no hassle there aside from your gowns and the rings... :)



I would love to have my dream beach wedding become a reality here at Casa Astillero as it depicts exactly what Pichi and me had envisioned for our wedding. The beautiful place is equipped with a session hall, which has a capacity of 100 guests, Kabanas, Kubo (Nipa Hut in English), open picnic cottages. Plus points is that we can also have our honeymoon under the stars if we want, as they also offer Camping tents and spaces aside from the usual cabanas and air- conditioned rooms... :)


You can visit their website or you can contact Ms. Pam at for more details.


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  1. I would love to get married again PERO sana wala ng gastos! Hahaha..
    And the preps. Yung tipong sisipot ka nalang! Hahaha..

    This looks like a nice place nga.. Quiet and private.

  2. This beach looks beautiful! Perfect for weddings!

  3. I'm a city girl, di ko ma-appreciate ang beach wedding...

  4. mrsmartinezsweetie26 June 2015 at 14:22

    Perfect beach wedding venue. Can I get a glimpse of the accommodation?


  5. Oh ang saya niyan, sisipot nalang. Ako din, I like! Hahaha. This looks like a lovely place to do it all over again indeed. Minus all the hassle hihi.

  6. were always in calatagan! never realized such a place existed there, will check it out nga soon :)

  7. I would have wanted a beach wedding myself. But priests don't allow it. :) Maybe in our 25th anniversary, too, because by then rules will be lenient. :)) This places looks amazing!

  8. I want a destination wedding too! Nothing big anymore, just our dearest friends and family. Mas okay nga destination wedding eh, only those who mean to you and who gives importance to you talaga will be there.

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  10. Hi! Does the place have network signal?


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